Weekly Business Quiz # 539


Q 1. Remembering Geeta Dutt on her birth anniversary on 23rd November. For which brand did Geeta Dutt give her voice? The words were written by Shailendra and the music was given by Salil Chowdhury

An. Rexona soap

Q2. In which institute is the HRD Ministry contemplating to start instruction of an engineering course entirely in Hindi?

Ans. IIT-BHU, Varanasi

Q3. Tata Steel often considered a bellwether stock for decades even before Sensex was formulated as an Index , will now leave BSE Sensex. Which stock will replace Tata Steel from 21/12 on the Sensex ?

Ans. Dr Reddy’s Laboratories

Q4. In the context of sales and distribution, what does ‘channel.stuffing’ mean?

Ans. Selling and despatching more goods from the factories to the distributors and retailers than the offtake to end consumers leading to the sales channels being choked with inventory

Q5. iD Fresh foods had test-marketed Tomato Chutney but decided to withdraw the same. As per P C Mustapha the CEO what was the main reason?

Ans. Due to weather changes the tomoatoes were getting spoilt without preservatives

Q6. Who has acquired majority stake in TalentSprint from Nexus Venture Partners ?

Ans, NSE Academy

Q7. The Indian tea exports first got impacted by the pandemic, payment issues with Iran and now which country is hurting Indian exports by selling at low rates ?

Ans. Kenya

Q8. Y M Deosthalee RIP..With which corporate major was this business leader and Finance expert associated ?

Ans. Larsen and Toubro.. He later became the Chairman of L&T Finance

Q9. The Govt of India has launched a PLI based scheme to incentivise Make-in-India in select sectors of manufacturing to increase investments in India. Expand PLI

Ans. Production Linked Incentives

Q 10. Which popular South Indian actor is behind the YouTube channel South Bay that will have diverse and quirky content in multiple languages ?

Ans. Rana Duggubati

Q 11. The distressed Lakshmi Vilas Bank has been amalgamated with DBS Bank India as per RBI’s directives. Who are the biggest losers in this merger move ?

Ans. All the shareholders because the entire equity has been written off

Q 12. Name the New Umbrella Entity ( NUE) that the former Itzcash promoter Naveen Surya is promoting as a competitor to NPCI?

Ans. So Hum Bharat Digital Payments


Q 13. On November 15th, how many countries in the Asia Pacific region signed the trade agreement RCEP?

Ans. 15 nations

Q14. Which aircraft from Boeing has now been allowed to fly again after 20 month grounding , the longest in aviation history ?

Ans. Boeing 737 Max

Q15. After Zoom announced a relaxation of their 40 min free video call for Thanksgiving Day, what feature/service has Microsoft announced in its Teams software ?

Ans. Day-long free calls for friends and families

Q16. Which rival digital publication has acquired HuffPost (earlier called Huffington Post)?

Ans. Buzzfeed

Q 17. Why has Asia Internet Coalition that represents global tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Twitter threatened to leave Pakistan ?

Ans. Censorship rules in the name of Islam

Q18. With which well known computer brand would you associate the Taiwanese company Pegatron ? Pegatron became the electronics contract manufacturing arm for computers and other devices ..It also manufactures electronic components

Ans. Asus

Q19. Which advertising veteran and business leader had launched the advertising venture S4 Capital to ‘prove a point’ to the ‘bozos’ at WPP ?

Ans. Sir Martin Sorrel

Q 20. Name this Fintech company that is considered to be the most valuable fintech company in Europe. It has its headquarters in Stockholm Sweden. It is very popular among the youth because of its Buy Now, Pay Later schemes for e-commerce purchases. It is now making waves in USA.

Ans. Klarna

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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