Weekly Business Quiz # 538


Q 1. With which controversial healthcare chain would you associate A M Arun who passed away today ?

Ans. Vasan Healthcare

Q2. Who has acquired the furniture retailer Urban Ladder ?

Ans. Reliance Retail

Q3. Who will be taking over from Milind Barve as the next MD and CEO of HDFC Mutual Fund AMC ?

Ans. Navneet Munot

Q4. Muhurat trading is a special session of the stock exchanges on Diwali day..This comes from a Gujarati tradition of trading after Laxmi Puja at a time when BSE had a large number of Gujarati stock brokers. In which year was the first Mahurat trading session held ?

Ans. The year 1957 in BSE

Q5. L&T has won the contract to build India’s longest river bridge. This is a 20 km 4 lane bridge. Over which river will this bridge come up ?

Ans. Brahmaputra

Q6. Which Indian IT services major has acquired the Deutsche Bank’s Postbank Systems along with its 1500 employees ?


Q7. Which old business house has entered the home finance segment ?

Ans. Godrej

Q8. What is being mentioned as the biggest constraint for the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioN-tech particularly in countries like India ?

Ans. Cold chain as the vaccine has to be kept at -70 deg C


Q9. During the US elections, voters in California voted for Proposition 22.. This was a keenly watched proposition and many companies had campaigned for it. What was the proposition and who won ?

Ans. The proposition 22 deals with providing employee benefits to drivers engaged by app based cab and delivery companies. It was decided that there was no need to provide employee benefits to drivers. This was a victory for Uber / Lyft

Q 10.With which popular quiz show would you associate Alex Trebek who passed away recently ?

Ans. Jeopardy

Q 11. Which is the world’s largest Private Equity firm in terms of assets under management ?

Ans. The Blackstone Group

Q 12. Which tech company owns the Machine Learning library Tensorflow ?

Ans. Google

Q 13.What new feature has Facebook introduced in Facebook Messenger that will make messages disappear after the closure of the chat box ?

Ans. Vanish feature

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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