Weekly Business Quiz # 537


Q 1. In which city has Amazon committed to build a large data centre with investment of over 20000 crore. This will be their second one after Mumbai

Ans. Hyderabad

Q 2. SEBI has allowed a new category of funds that will allow some of the multicap funds to take up without altering their allocations in various cap categories in Multi-cap funds ?

Ans. Flex-cap funds

Q3. Identify the logo

Royal Enfield

Ans. Royal Enfield

Q 4. NPCI has given permission to Whatsapp to enable its payments feature . But it has also capped the max share a payment gateway can have in terms of number of transactions. What is the max share ?

Ans. 30 %

Q5. Which company markets the instant noodles brand Mr Noodles that is gaining popularity in North East India ?

Ans. Pran from Bangladesh

Q6. Which multiplayer online video game developed by Washington based Innersloth has become very popular worldwide and in October, India had the highest downloads ? This is seen as a reaction to the PUBG ban

Ans. Among Us

Q7. Rahul Sharma of Micromax is reentering the smartphone range with a brand that will be manufactured in India and will be pitched directly against the Chinese brands. Name the brand

Ans. In

Q8. HUL is launching a range of hygiene products like laundry detergents, fruit and veg cleaner,wipes etc using neem and other natural extracts . What is the brand name ?

Ans. Nature Protects

Q9. With which retail chain has the govt ‘s rural ecommerce venture CSC e-grameen tied up to sell electronics items in rural India through the over a lakh Common Service Centres ?

Ans. Croma

Q 10. Name this Bengaluru based gaming startup that has been acquired for its IP and team by Flipkart so as to develop regional language games. Games are seen as a step towards to e-commerce.

Ans. Mech Mocha

Q 11. What oil does India export in large quantities and is used in cosmetics, lubricants and even as a laxative ?

Ans. Castor Oil

Q 12. Which popular book store chain in Hyderabad made this announcement as they were closing down last of their stores ?


Ans. Walden

Q 13. Who has acquired the controlling stake in Columbia Asia hospital chain in India ?

Ans. Manipal Group

Q 14. After retiring from HDFC Bank with which private equity firm has Aditya Puri joined as an Advisor ?

Ans. Carlyle Group


Q 15. Which company controls the restaurant chain Dunkin Donuts, Buffalo Wid Wings , Sonic , Jimmy John’s , Baskin Robbins making it a dining giant ?

Ans. Inspire brands

Q 16. Thanks to the pandemic, compulsive travellers are restless to travel ..So in Singapore a luxury cruise is going on a 2 day cruise that leaves on Friday and returns on Sunday without touching any port. What is such a cruise called ?

Ans. Cruise to Nowhere

Q 17. Tesla has produced an expensive alcoholic beverage that is priced at 250 $ a bottle..It is only sold online in select US states..Which drink ?

Ans. Tesla Tequila brand name Teslaquila

Q 18. As UK is preparing for a Brexit,.one item of trade between UK and Europe has become a problem item. What item ?

Ans. Fish

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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