Weekly Business Quiz completes 11 years

Dear readers,

We are happy to announce that WBQ completes 11 years today. On 17th November 2009, the first Weekly Business Quiz was posted. Today Weekly Business Quiz # 538 was posted. Every week we bring updates on the latest business news from India and abroad. Besides, WBQ, we are curating questions under US Biz News every month and an Interactive quiz every month. We also bring in several Guest Business Quiz posts by leading business quizzers.

Besides, this page, the home of India Business Quiz, we use social media channels mainly Twitter and Facebook to reach out to more readers. Several of our readers are receiving the weekly updates as newsletters every week. Two years ago, we launched Whatsapp broadcasts service that reaches over 2000 readers every week.

In the past, the expenses incurred towards hosting, web-site maintenance and some online subscriptions were recovered by the advertising on the site. After the pandemic struck in March, advertising has gone down considerably. Whereas, the expenses towards hosting and subscriptions have gone up substantially.

In order to keep the web-site IBQ running/live we need your support in terms of contribution.
We humbly request you to contribute towards the expenses for the next one year by making a donation.

IBQ will remain a free site for the readers. This contribution is not a subscription fee or a sponsorship. This is a contribution towards keeping the service available to the readers. The contribution is optional. You can contribute any amount you wish to.

We have created a Payment Gateway using Razorpay and this allows many different payment options like UPI/ Credit Card/Debit Card/ Net Banking. The link to the Payment page is https://businessbaatein.wordpress.com/payment/

We propose to keep this payment contribution open for a period of One Month till December 16th, 2020 only.

We really appreciate the patronage of all the readers. We would like to keep this service on. Your contribution will help us serve you better.

  • G.Mohan on behalf of India Business Quiz

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