Weekly Business Quiz # 533


Q 11. Who coined the term ‘stagflation” ?

Ans. Ian Mcleod

Q 12. Which business of IBM will be demerged out of the company so as to give it the desired focus ?

Ans. Infrastructures Services

Q 13. Srikant Datar has been appointed the Dean of Harvard Business School . This has been hailed as a proud moment for which Business School in India ?

Srikant Datar

Ans. IIM Ahmedabad

Q 14. Which Nobel Prize winner this year is also famous for creating a tiling design that has unique geometric properties and is now widely used for flooring in many public places ?

Penrose Tiles

Ans. Roger Penrose

Q 15. Which sportsperson has created history by taking himself public on the Oslo stock exchange ?

Ans. Magnus Carlssen the World Chess Champion

Q 16. Prince William has announced the most prestigious Environment prize. It will award 5 prizes of 1 Mn $ each. What is its name and what has inspired the name ?

Ans. Earthshot prize, inspired by Kennedy’s Moonshot

Q 17. The South Korean entertainment company Big Hit Entertainment had an IPO. This company’s retail portion was oversubscribed over 600 times raising over 50 Billion $. Which famous music band does this company represent ?

Ans. BTS, the K-Pop band

Q 18. It was the first time in almost fifteen years that the exchange had suffered a complete trading outage. The _____ bourse has a policy of not shutting even during natural disasters, so for many on trading floors in the capital, this experience was a first. Fill in the blank

Ans. Tokyo

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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