Weekly Business Quiz # 534


Q 1. Rajiv Bajaj of Bajaj Auto has said that they have stopped giving their ads in 3 TV channels. Why have they decided to boycott the three channels ?

Ans. For their toxic content

Q2. Why has BARC decided to suspend the TRP ratings for news channels ?

Ans. A committee has been appointed to look at the TRP computation process after Maharashtra police started investigations into 3 TV channels that were manipulating TRP

Q 3. Where are 6 Indian pharma companies of the likes of Dr Reddy’s, Zydus etc setting up a pharma cluster with the assistance of Union Commerce Ministry to cater to the Latin American market ?

Ans. Mexico

Q4. As per AMFI data, which category of equity funds has the largest number of folios in India as of September 2020

Ans. ELSS schemes

Q5. India has filed a Geographical Indicator tag application for Basmati in Europe. Which country that also exports significant quantities of Basmati rice is opposed to India ?

Ans. Pakistan

Q6. As a part of the stimulus package announced by the govt, govt employees would be given a festival advance upto Rs 10,000 . How have they ensured this money is spent within a short time and not put in savings ?

Ans. The money will be loaded in a pre-paid Rupay card that will have validity till March 31, 2021

Q7. On the 116th birth anniversary of JRD Tata , Tata Group has released a new font inspired by his handwriting. What is the font called ?

Ans. Jeh

Q8. Parle Agro has launched B Fizz with Priyanka Chopra and Jr NTR as their brand ambassadors. What does the B in the B Fizz hint at ?

Ans. B for Beer like Fizz

Q9. 59 Business Schools in India applied for closure to AICTE in 2019-20. How many applications for closure was accepted by AICTE in 2020-21 ?

Ans. 197 business schools

Q 10. From January 1 , 2021 all the life insurance companies will have to offer a Standard term Insurance Policy of Rs 5 lakh sum assured or above. What is this product going to be called ?

Ans. Saral Jeevan Bima


Q 11. Name the advertiser

Ans. Burger King

Q 12. Du Pont had invented Nylon..Nylon became a rage in the 1940s as a textile..Du Pont had supplied Nylon during second WW II to US defence. What was it used for ?

Ans. Parachutes

Q 13. What has YouTube launched as a substitute for TikTok which is under a lot of cloud ?

Ans. Shorts

Q 14. This weekend the US Banks are getting ready for a Big Bang. This is because 80 Trlllion $ worth derivatives will have a change of reference rate from LIBOR to SOFR. Expand SOFR.

Ans. Secured Overnight Financing Rate

Q 15. For their work in which area have the US Economists Paul R. Milgrom and Robert B. Wilson been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year ?

Ans. Auctions

Q 16. How is Singapore Airlines using some of its planes stranded in the Changi Airport to generate some additional revenue ?

Ans. First class has been converted into fine dining restaurants

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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