Weekly Business Quiz # 532


Q 1. What essential raw material for the secondary steel making industry is in shortage because of its diversion to hospitals for COVID treatment ?

Ans. Oxygen

Q 2. After R S Sharma completed his 5 Year term who has taken charge as the TRAI Chairman ?

Ans. P D Vaghela

Q 3. What % of the Fiscal deficit target for 2020-21 has already been crossed by Govt of India in the first 5 months upto August ?

Ans. 106 %

Q4. Which Indian businessman is raising large funds under India Direct Investment Fund to invest in PSUs coming up for privatisation ?

Ans. Anil Agarwal of Vedanta


Q 5. ” Spoofing” is a practice in which traders attempt to give an artificial impression of market conditions by entering and quickly canceling large buy or sell orders onto an exchange, in an attempt to manipulate prices. Which US bank had to pay a big penalty for their trading desks?

Ans. JP Morgan Chase

Q 6. How has Duracell made its coin cell batteries safe for children ?

Ans. Duracell will apply a bitter coating to its size 2032, 2025, and 2016 lithium coin batteries. This will help deter children from swallowing them if they do put the batteries into their mouth.

Q7. Which large cinema chain has closed all its screens in UK and US because of the COVID crisis ?

Ans. Cineworld

Q8. In Ireland, the bread from Subway has been classified no longer as a bread and thereby not eligible for tax rates of staple food by the local Supreme Court. What is the main reason ?

Ans. The sugar conent should be below 2 % to be called a bread.. Subway bread had nearly 10 % sugar.

Q9. Who has acquired the Asda retail chain from Walmart in UK ?

Ans. Mohsin and Zuber Issa, along with investors TDR Capital

Q10. . Richard Attenborough directed Gandhi the Oscar winning film. Who produced it ?

Ans. It was prduced by Richard Attenbourough.. It received financing from NFDC India and Gold Crest films and a few others. It was distributed worldwide by Columbia pictures.

Q 11. Uber is planning to buy a ride hailing venture in Europe named Free Now. Who are the promoters of Free Now ?

Ans. BMW and Dailmler-Benz

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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