Weekly Business Quiz # 529


Q 1. Currently, most banks and financial institutions use the “Incurred loss model” to make provisions for the impairment of loans that do not get repaid. In a financial crisis, regulators like Central Bank ask them to anticipate their loss. What is this model called ?

Ans. Expected Loss Model

Q 2. Who resigned recently as the Non-Executive Chairman of IDFC First Bank, citing health reasons ?

Ans. Rajiv Lall

Q 3. R J Shahaney passed away recently. He was a long standing MD and Chairman Emeritus of which Indian company ?

R J Shahaney

Ans. Ashok Leyland

Q 4. Which former L & T senior executive’s , a Dane, collection of art that he had collected while he was in India is going to be auctioned by Sotheby’s ? This includes early art of Gaitonde among others

Ans. Gunnar Hansen

Q 5. Several alphabets are being used as symbols to indicate the shape of the economic recovery after the pandemic ends. V-shaped, U shaped, L shaped etc. What is a K-shaped recovery ?

Ans. A K-shaped recovery occurs when an economy recuperates unevenly, and there’s a separate trajectory for two segments of the society. While the financial markets recover and grow, the real economy, or the flow of goods and services, gets worse. 

Q 6. What notification has been issued by the Minsitry of Road Transport and Highways with regard to Electric vehicles in August that has stirred up a controversy ?

Ans. Electric vehicles and batteries can be sold separately

Q7. What are the 5 ratios that the KV Kamath Committee on loan restructuring have recommended to decide which bank loans to be restructured ?

Ans. 1. Total outside liability to adjusted tangible net worth, 2.Debt to EBIDTA, 3. Current ratio, 4. Debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) and 5. Average debt service coverage ratio (ADSCR)

Q8. Happiest Minds Technologies IPO is currently on and has had a huge oversubscription. Name the Chairman of the company and the previous tech companies he was associated with

Ashok Soota

Ans. Ashok Soota, Mindtree Technologies and Wipro

Q 9. With the recent fund raising the valuation of Byju’s has become over 10 Bn $. Thus it is no longer a Unicorn. What is the start-up industry jargon for a company that has more than 10 Bn $ valuation ?

Ans. Decacorn


Q 10. During this current rally after the pandemic many young first time investors have got attracted to stock trading.. They trade zero commission online trading accounts.. They are called Robinhood investors . Why are they called Robinhood investors ?

Ans. Robinhood is a trading app in US , It’s a barebones trading platform and doesn’t charge any fee…They instead make money from the interest on the deposits made by traders.

Q 11. This is a logo for a research project in Google ..This deals with creating music using machine learning and other technologies. Name it

Google Magenta

Ans. Google Magenta

Q 12. With Microsoft’s bid to acquire Tiktok being rejected , which is the only company in the race to acquire Tiktok in US before the 20th September deadline ?

Ans. Oracle

Q 13. Time is known for its red borders on its cover. Only 2 occasions it has put a black one. Now and once earlier. What was that occasion ?

Time Cover

Ans. 09/11 Twin tower attack

Q 14. Jane Fraser will be the first female CEO of a large Wall Street Bank. Name the bank

Jane Fraser

Ans. Citibank

Q 15. After the flights were suspended after the pandemic, Qantas found that they had excess stocks of pyjamas and amenity kits given to Business Class passengers. How did it dispose of these items ?

Ans. Qantas is selling them as a package online and it also can be redeemed against Frequent Flyer points

Q 16. Mexico is holding a special raffle where each ticket will be 25 $ each and 100 winners will get 1 million each..This is expected to raise 150 Million $. After paying for what, the surplus will be used for COVID healthcare facilities ?. The raffle draw is on 15th Sept

Ans. This raffle is being used to recover the money spent on a special Boeing 787 Dreamliner bought by the previous President that they were unable to sell for last 2 years

Q 17. Here is the cover of a recently released book. Fill in the blank. A well known company name

Book Cover

Ans. Netflix

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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