Weekly Business Quiz # 530


Q 1. Where has India’s first private jet terminal exclusive for private jets of ultra-rich individuals come up ?

Ans. New Delhi

Q 2. Temples like the Travancore Devaswom Board which manages many temples including theSabarimala temple are faced with declining revenues due to the pandemic. How are they using their gold reserves to generate income without actually selling them ?

Ans. Depositing gold ornaments under the RBI’s Gold Monetization scheme and earning interest on it

Q 3. What industry connects the following places Channapatna in Karnataka, Chitrakoot in UP, Kondapalli in AP and Budni-Rewa in MP ?

Ans. Traditional toys industry

Q 4. Arvind Virmani , the Economist ,has predicted that Indian economy will see a Elephant shaped recovery after the pandemic ..What is an Elephant shaped recovery ?

Ans. Using the parable of elephants and the blind men, elephant shaped recovery means different shapes for different people/ industries

Q 5. Which car manufacturer in India was the fastest to notch up sales of 100,000 cars ?

Ans. Kia Motors

Q 6. Byju’s has acquired a startup LabInApp that makes desktop and mobile games that simulate science experiments. Which small town is this app from ?

Ans. Hubli, Karnataka

Q 7. US version of Alexa has voices of Samuel Jackson, Gordon Ramsay , Darth Vader .In India, next year Alexa will be available in voice of which actor ?

Ans. Amitabh Bachchan

Q8. What are the bullion traders attributing the reason for the local gold prices in India being lower than the imported gold price ?

Ans. A lot of homes and small businessmen are giving their gold for raising money.. This gold is getting recycled and increasing the local supply

Q9. With demand for chocolates down due to the lockdowns which brand will have a 10 Rs pack from Mars Wrigleys to tap the lower price points ?

Ans. M & Ms

Q 10. Abidali Neemuchwala, former Wipro CEO has joined a VC firm as a Partner. Which one ?

Ans. Dallas Venture Partners

Q 11. What has the various court rulings classified the Online Fantasy Sports like Dream 11, Myteam 11 as ?

Ans. Game of Skill and not a Game of Chance, hence legal.


Q 12. “I never imagined that the frequently argumentative little boy I faced each night at dinner, the one eating my food and using my name, was to be my future employer,” Bill Gates Sr said this in a 2003 speech. Where did Bill Gates Sr work for the Bill Gates ?

Ans. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Q 13. Facebook has launched a new version of Facebook exclusive for the college students , first in US only..Here the student can have a different profile different from their regular FB profile. What is the name if this offering ?

Ans. Facebook Campus

Q14. Name this Cloud database company that is coming out with a mega IPO of 3 Bn $ ..It has investors like Berkshire Hathaway and Salesforce

Ans. Snowflake

Q 15. With which company has Google partnered with to market Video Meet hardwar like camera, sound bar , microphones and a touchscreen remote ?

Ans. Lenovo

Q 16. In which European country the govt is giving 50 Euros subsidy to citizens to repair their bicycles ? ..This is being done to promote social distancing and health after the pandemic .It has increased cycling by 30 % over last year

Ans France

Q 17. What is Yorkshire tea promoting in this ad using an unusual tea pot with a long spout ?

Ans. Drinking tea while maintaining Social Distancing

Q 18. Identify the video game console from its logo.

Nintento Switch

Ans. Nintendo Switch

Q 19. A mega deal is happening in the semi-conductors industry. NVIdia is likely to acquire ARM..Who is the seller ?

Ans. Softbank.. The deal is under some cloud because of UK regulators

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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