Weekly Business Quiz # 528


Q 1. What is the new brand identity of Vodafone Idea ?

Ans. VI

Q 2. As many as 1344 independent directors resigned during Financial Year 2019-20 in listed companies in India.This was 45 % more than the previous year..Though officially many state personal or health reasons, what do analysts attribute the reason for such an exodus ?

Ans. The legal responsibilities and liability in case of governance failure in the companies is very high on the independent directors. They do not wish to continue in companies where they are uncomfortable

Q 3. After the pandemic struck, shoppers have reduced going to the store and even if they are going they just buy essentials based on a list. This has cut down impulse buying of items like confectionery, fashion accessories etc. How are they creating demand for them ?

Ans. They are advertising in OTT platforms like amazon Prime in web-series. They are promoting freshness packs for refereshing breath inside the mask. they are also using social media handles of celebrities to generate interest and recall

Q 4. Through acquisition by MTR Foods of Eastern Condiments , a spices major that has a strong presence in Kerala and the Gulf markets, which foreign company has taken control over this Indian company ?

Ans. The Norwegian company Orkla

Q 5. There are 4 Indians named in the 40 under 40 list of Fortune. 2 of them are the Ambani siblings Akash and Isha. Who are the other two ?

Adar Poonawalla

Ans. Adar Poonawalla of Serum Institute and Byju Raveendran of Byju’s.

Q6. For how many years the Biyani Group cannot enter the retail sector after they have sold their business to Reliance ?

Ans. 15 years

Q7. What was the initial contribution made by PM Modi in his personal capacity to PM CARES fund on March 27 when the fund was set up ?

Ans. Rs 2.25 lakhs

Q8. Which group has taken control of the Mumbai airports business of GVK group ?

Ans. Adani group

Q9. What is the new name of Religare Health Insurance ?

Ans. Care Health Insurance


Q10. The airline industry is facing rough weather due to COVID and all the flight restrictions . In addition, a movement called Flygskam had started in Europe that had started hurting the airline industry. What does Flygskam mean in Swedish ?

Ans. Flight shaming

Q 11. Which major foods and beverages company has acquired Aimmune Therapeutics that makes peanut allergy treatment medicines for 2.6 Bn $ ?

Ans. Nestle

Q 12. Why has Amazon banned the sale of foreign plant seeds in US ?

Ans. Many thousands of Americans received unsolicited packets with seeds that have post marks from China. These are seeds of plants that may damage some of the commodity crops. Hence the US govt has banned them.

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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