Weekly Business Quiz # 526

Q 1. Who has acquired the controlling stake in the general insurance arm of Bharti AXA ?

Ans. ICICI Lombard

Q 2. A UK creative design studio realising that during lockdown people are missing the familiar scents like Cinema, Local and Festival has brought out a range that it is retailing at 45 £ each. What are these ?

Ans. Candles

Q3. Google has launched an app for people to find entry level jobs in India. Name it

Ans. Kormo

Q4. A Kerala.startup Techgentsia has won a Govt of India contest that awards it Rs 1 crore to develop a solution. Which solution was this a contest for ?

Ans. A video Conferencing/ meeting tool that is an Indian alternative to Zoom

Q5. Identify the brand

Ans. TVS

Q6. El Nino leads to droughts. What weather phenomenon has a probability of 70 % in 2020 as per weather experts that will cause higher than normal rainfall this year ?

Ans. La Nina

Q7. MS Dhoni endorses more than 30 brands now and has a brand value of 41.2 Million $ as per a Duff and Phelps 2019 report. He is one of the top endorsers in E-Commerce and Consumer Durables category. Which was the first brand endorsed by Dhoni ?

Ans. Mysore Sandal

Q8. Who has got the sponsorship rights for IPL this year ?
Ans. Dream 11

Q9. As Amazon announced its entry into online pharmacy retailing, Reliance has acquired an online pharmacy for Rs 620 crore. Which one ?

Ans. Netmeds


Q 10. Why was Fortnite removed from Apple Store following which is a court case ?

Ans. When Fortnite bypassed Apple store to allow customers to buy the games without going through Apple store, thereby not paying the commission on sales to Apple

Q 11. In 2020, Bill Ackman, founder of Pershing Square Capital Management, sponsored his own SPAC, Pershing Square Tontine Holdings, the largest-ever SPAC, raising $4 billion in its offering on July 22. Expand SPAC and what is a SPAC

Ans. Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Q 11. Sanofi has acquired a pharma company in US in the Biopharma space. Name it.

Ans. Principia

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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