Weekly Business Quiz # 527

Q 1. Which IPL team has taken Niine as its Principal Sponsor ? An innovative and responsible approach to bringing a socially important topic mainstream in men’s arena

Ans. Rajasthan Royals

Q 2. Which Indian company will maintain the Government of India’s National Data Warehouse of all official statistics called the National Integrated Information Portal ( NIIP) of Ministry of Statistics and Programme Imlementation ?

Ans. L & T Infotech

Q 3. Which company is India’s largest mall owner with 7 million sqft gross leasable across nine operational malls in six cities ?

Ans. Phoenix Mills

Q4. Which Chennai based group has become the new promoter of the former Thapar group company CG Power ?

Ans. Murugappa Group

Q 5. Congress MP H Vasanthkumar passed away today due to COVID. With which retail chain was he associated with ?

Ans. Vasanth and co. – a leading consumer durables retailer in South India

Q 6. Which is India’s leading unicorns investor in India that has funded the largest number of unicorns-8 including Byju’s, Oyo, Ola, Zomato ?

Ans. Sequoia Capital

Q 7. GMR Infrastructure Ltd is being split into 2 units.. One containing the Airports business and another with the non-airports business. Name these two units.

Ans. GMR Infrastructure Limited and GMR Power and Urban Infrastructure Ltd

Q 8. Mela Ventures is a start-up fund funded by former promoters of which company ?

Ans. Mindtree

Q9. In the Netflix web series Bad Boy Billionaires who are the 4 billionaires ?

Ans. Vijay Mallya, Subrato Roy, Ramalinga Raju and Nirav Modi

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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