Weekly Business Quiz # 525


Q 1. The Trade Unions usually have political affliliations. If AITUC is linked to CPI, CITU to CPM, INTUC to Congress, with which party is Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) affiliated ?

Ans. RSS

Q 2. Which founder of a well known company while praising the leadership qualities of #MSDhoni said that it is a coincidence that his company and M S Dhoni were born on the same day July 7, 1981 ?

Ans. NR Narayana Murthy of Infosys

Q 3. Which company has got the rights to make a film based on this book ?


Ans. Almighty Motion Pictures

Q 4. Govt of India has asked Niti Aayog to start a project for Direct Benefit Transfer based lending to people having Jan Dhan Accounts, a Cash over Internet platfolrm. What is the short name for this project ?

Ans. Kashi for Cash over Internet

Q5. John Rao Prakash Rao Janumala became popularly known as Johny Lever. How did he get the name “Lever” attached to him.. 


Ans. He performed in a function at Hindustan Lever factory that made him popular

Q6. The Supreme Court has given a landmark judgement on Coparcenery rights. What are Coparcenery rights ?

Ans. Equal inheritance rights of a person. In this case for daughters on the parents inheritance

Q7. In which space are the Indian startups Skyroot, Agnikul, Bellatrix working ?

Ans. Space technology business like satellites , rockets etc

Q8. Identify this scion of a top Indian business family who after being Exec Chairman of their real estate business will now build their financial services business


Ans. Pirojsha Godrej

Q9. Government has announced a 1 lakh crore fund for making investments in agriculture marketing infrastructure for storage, processing and logistics. what is the fund called ?

Ans. Agriculture Infrastructure Fund


Q 10. Warren Buffett had in the past mocked investing in gold as an unproductive investment. Yet, Berkshire Hathaway has taken a 1.2 % stake in a gold mining mining company. Name it.

Ans. Barrick Gold

Q 11. Recently which bank has reported that they have made a 900 mn $ blunder wherein the bank remitted the money of their client Revlon to the creditors which was due only in 2023? The bank has admitted it as a ‘clerical error’

Ans. Citibank

Q 12. Which presentation sharing service that Microsoft had acquired in 2012 has now been sold to Scribd and will operate as part of Scribd from September 24 ?

Ans. Slideshare

Q 13. Identify this American media mogul who passed away recently. Name his media companies also


Ans. Sumner Redstone of CBS-Viacom

Q 14. The CDC of US has banned a particular model of masks as they do not help in spreading virus. Airlines are also banning such masks. What type of masks are being banned ?

Ans. N95 masks with valves

Q 15. What rules of shower head design established during George HW Bush time in 1992 is going to be amended by Donald Trump because it is coming in the way of his desire to have ‘perfect’ hair ?

Ans. Rules regarding the shower design which regulates the total volume of water discharged

Q 16. Chinese President Xi has launched an ‘Operation empty plate’ to cut food wastage in restaurants. He has recommended a ‘N-1’ policy . What is N-1 ?

Ans. N-1 refers to ordering one dish less than the number of persons in a group eating in a restaurant .. 5 persons should order 4 dishes only

Q17. What does a turophile love ?

Ans. Cheese

Q 18. Name this family with headquarters in Alba, Italy that makes and markets confectionery brands like Nutella, Kinder and Tic Tac. Their other well known brand contains their family name.

Ans. Ferrero, Ferrero rocher is the confectionery with the family name

Q 19. Unilever has decided to change the name of its Ziguener sauce to Paprika Style Hungarian Sauce in Germany. What does Ziguener mean and why it is changing ?

Ans. Ziguener means gypsy and it refers to a derogative German expression for certain tribes

Q 20. Russia has announced that their Gamaleya Institute has developed a vaccine for COVID-19. This will be mass produced by Sistema by the end of the year. Under what name will it be sold abroad ?

Ans. Sputnik- 5

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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