Weekly Business Quiz # 524


Q1. Who has taken charge as the new Comptroller and Auditor General of India from August 8th ?

Ans. Girish Chandra Murmu

Q 2. One year after Ladakh was given a separate Union Territory status, the government of India has launched a scheme whose acronym is MODI under which Rs 500 crore has been sanctioned. Expand MODI ?

Ans. Mission Organic Development Initiative

Q 3. Parle Agro has sued a competitor for trademark infringement of their Appy Fizz fruit drink by the competitor’s Fizzy Apple . Who is the competitor ?

Ans. Wal-Mart

Q 4. Which Indian company has announced that their lady employees can avail ‘period’ leaves of upto 10 days a year ?

Ans. Zomato

Q5. Which newspaper belonging to the India Today group has closed down and published its last edition last week ?

Ans. Mail Today

Q 6. Which eminent banker has been made the Chairman of the Expert Committee for One-time restructuring of loans that have been stressed due to COVID ? The announcement has come from RBI

Ans. K V Kamath

Q 7. What was the model of the plane involved in the unfortunate Dubai-Kozhikode flight of Air India Express that met with an accident in Kozhikode ? The model was same as the one which had an accident in Mangalore in 2010

Ans. Boeing 737-800

Q 8. August 7th  is National Handloom Day. Many states have a chain of emporia through which they market their handlooms. Give the names of the states to which these emporia belong

1. Co-optex 

2. Tantuja

3. Mrignayanee

4. Pragjyotika

5. Garvi-Gurjari

Ans. 1. Tamil Nadu 2. West Bengal 3. MP 4. Assam 5. Gujarat

Q9.  I grew up in Matunga, Mumbai. I am son of a Sanskrit scholar. A CA by training. After starting my career with CRISIL, I joined HDFC Bank in 1996. I head the Finance function now. My name has now been approved by the board and RBI to succeed Aditya Puri at HDFC Bank. Who am I ?

S Jagadishan

Ans. Sasidhar Jagadishan


Q 10. What is the new law draft that has been put out by Australian govt that is being welcomed by the news publishing industry and opposed by Google and Alphabet ?

Ans. Sharing of digital advertising revenues with the newspaper publishers

Q11. In which country a street dog has been adopted by Hyundai as a Honorary Salesman after it used to visit a showroom regularly and made friends with the staff ?


Ans. Brazil

Q 12. A businessman in Texas US Lee Price III was arrested recently because he bought a Lamborgini Urus, Rolex Watch and some other luxury goods. What was his crime ?

Ans. He had taken COVID loans for his business and used them to make the luxury purchases

Q 13. Which singer has threatened to sue Donald Trump for using his songs ‘Rockin in the free world’ and ‘Devil’s sidewalk’ for using them in the rallies and events ?

Ans. Paul Young

Q 14. Which popular newspaper globally announced that their digital revenue have exceeded the print revenue for the first time ?

Ans. New York Times

Q 15. Microsoft will be launching a cloud based gaming service soon, what will it be called ?

Ans. x Cloud

Q 16. On 10th August 1937, GD Beauchamp, co-founder of the National Stringed Instrument Corporation gets a patent for the first instrument that was known as the Rickenbacker Frying Pan. What popular instrument are we talking about ?

Ans. Rickenbacker Frying Pan was an Electric -Guitar

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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