Weekly Business Quiz # 523


Q1. Name this industrialist who passed away recently. He was one of the founders of Reliance Industries. Reliance had named their textile brand after his son Vimal. He was a director of Reliance till his age of 90. RIP ..

Ans. Ramniklal Ambani

Q2. T-Series is the channel with the largest number of subscribers on YouTube..Which other Indian channel is No 4 on the list of channels on YouTube with the largest no of subscribers in the world ?

Ans. Sony LIV

Q3. Which Indian entrepreneur has started Aroa Ventures based in Singapore that will invest in growth and early stage startups ?

Ans. Ritesh Agarwal of OYO

Q4. Which Indian IT major’s Artificial Intelligence Tool is named Ethica ?

Ans. Wipro

Q5. After banning 59 Chinese apps earlier , Govt of India has banned another 47 apps. Besides , being Chinese what connects the two set of apps ?

Ans. The new list of 47 apps are either Lite versions or clones of the existing apps

Q6. Reliance Brands has acquired Ronnie Screwvala’s stake in Zivame. In which category is Zivame a premium brand ?

Ans. Lingerie

Q7. A leading tech company under its Project Kuiper has got US govt approval to deploy a constellation of over 3000 satellites to improve internet connectivity ..Name the firm

Ans. Amazon

Q8. 25 years ago, on July 31, 1995 , the first mobile call in India was made. Who spoke to whom and who was the operator ?

Ans. Jyoti Basu, the West Bengal CM and Sukh Ram the Union Telecom Minister in a Modi Telstra network


Q9. Remy Labesque has redesigned the chocolate chip ..He did that to solve the problem for a local chocolate chip maker Dandelion to produce chips of consistent quality in a large scale..Where does Remy work in his day job as an industrial designer ?


Ans. Tesla

Q 10. Coca Cola is launching a blend in US in three variants caramel, Dark Blend and Vanilla. With what is Coke blended with ?


Ans. Coffee

Compiled by G.Mohan 

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