Weekly Business Quiz # 510


Q 1. The food delivery app Swiggy’s has launched a hyper local delivery service in many Indian cities for pick up and drop of any item . What is this service called ?

Ans. Genie

Q 2 As parts of India slowly comes out of lockdown , will the buyers go and splurge ? What is the term used for shopping only to vent the frustration ?

Ans. Revenge shopping

Q 3. Which hotel chain in India has used the lockdown to provide 4500 rooms across India for Quarantine purposes ?

Ans. Ginger

Q 4. Which is the first Indian state to announce a COVID cess of Rs 5 per litre on petrol and diesel to meet the excess healthcare expenses ?

Ans. Nagaland

Q 5. Which FMCG company has launched Veggie Clean, a fruit and vegetable wash ?

Ans. Marico

Q 6. As per TCS, even after the current crisis is over, they will not return to old ways of working for their employees. They have announced a 25 x 25 working plan. What does this mean ?

Ans. 25 % of the people will totally work from home. The balance will work 25 % of the time at office and rest of the time from home


Q7. Which car maker is using the lockdown to produce the’ world’s most exclusive honey’ from its Goodwood Apiary 42 acre farm in England ?

Ans. Rolls Royce

Q8. Name this French food major which saw that suddenly when lockdown was announced demand for large packs like 8 litres of water were in great demand and small packs were not selling. It decided to donate their 30 ml unused bottles to hand sanitiser mfrs

Ans. Danone

Q9. X runs the oldest continuously operated factory in England, founded in 1784 at Lea Mills in Derbyshire at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Its jumpers and shirts have been worn by King George VI, Emperor Hirohito, The Beatles and Stormzy. What is X ?

Ans. John Smedley

Q 10. With sports and games taking a back seat, Adidas had a demand slump in most of its best selling wear , which two items saw a huge surge after the lockdowns worldwide ?

Ans. Yoga mats and Flipflops

Q 11. Singapore has launched drone delivery service. What package was delivered through drone by F-drones, the company behind the service ?

Ans. Medicine package to a ship

Q 12. The demand for potatoes have collapsed in Belgium because of the closure of eateries and restaurants. What is the trade association of the national potato industry asking the citizens to do ?

Ans. Double the intake of fries

Q 12. What special concession have the organisers of Oscars made for the films to be eligible for the awards next year ?

Ans. Streaming films which did not get a theatre release would be allowed

Q 13. Microsoft has a video game subscription service that is like a ‘Netflix for video games’ , that allows subscriber to access a catalogue of video games for a monthly fee. Name it

Ans. X-Box Game Pass

Q 14. Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting is held every year at Omaha and is a pilgrimage for the value investors who go to hear Warren Buffett Charlie Munger and others. What about this year ?

Ans. Video streaming

Q 15. “Our ____ position was a mistake. Berkshire is worth less today because I took that position… There are other decisions like that.” Warren Buffett confessed in the Berkshire Hathaway meeting. Fill in the blank with the industry name he mentioned

Ans. Airlines. Berkshire has sold all their stakes in the 4 airlines they had stake in

Q 16. Takuo Aoyagi passed away on 18/4 due to COVID. What did he invent that has been used in the treatment of COVID patients ?


Ans. Pulse oximeter.

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