US Monthly Quiz – April

Q 1. Ford Motors will be producing 50000 ventilators in the next 100 days in its Michigan unit. This is a unique design that does not require electricity to operate. Who will providing knowhow to Ford for this ?

Ans. Airon unit of GE Healthcare

Q 2. Which brand of vodka from USA became popular as a hand sanitiser for its alcohol content, so much so that now the company has launched a hand sanitiser under the same brand name ?

Ans. Tito’s

Q 3. Jeffrey Katzenberg and Meg Whitman are launching an entertainment app il where it will offer films, reality shows and news where none of the videos will be longer than 10 minutes. Name this app

Ans. Quibi, short  for Quick bites

Q 4. Which two tech giants , otherwise bitter rivals, are coming together to develop technologies to trace COVID 19 patients without intruding on their privacy ?

Ans. Google and Apple

Q 5. At a time when the Wall Street crashed in the wake of the Corona crisis, one hedge fund Universa Tail Fund gave 3600 % return in the month of March. Which famed analyst and commentator is the advisor to this Miami based fund ?

Ans. Nassim Taleb

Q 6. There has been a slump in the prices of crude oil largely due to talks breaking down between two big producers Russia and Saudi Arabia. Now both have agreed to cut their supplies, which has made prices rise again. One country refused to cut, so US is helping them out. Name it.

Ans. Mexico

Q7. Which global tech major is developing a Planetary Computer to aggregate environmental data with the help of AI and ML as the next phase of ‘AI for Earth’ programme ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q8. History is being made in the crude oil market.. The May Futures of WTI crashed below 0 $ to a negative price. What is the main reason being offered for such a freak event ?

Ans. On 20th April, the last date for trading in May Futures, there was a steep fall in the price of WTI crude because the traders would have to take physical delivery of crude oil contracts and there was no storage available. All the storage was full because of total  demand collapse all around the world due to the Covid-19 crisis

Q9. Due to the Corona Virus crisis ,many important sports events like Olympics, Tour De France, Wimbledon etc have been either postponed or cancelled. Yet, one sport has been allowed by Florida by calling it as an essential service. Name it

Ans. Professional wrestling – WWE ( World Wrestling for Entertainment)

Q 10. Which Google product has been given a makeover to compete with Zoom that has been the app of the pandemic, of sorts ?

Ans. Google Meet

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