Weekly Business Quiz # 509


Q 1. Which online services has changed its logo where the logo is shown wearing a mask to mark the safety precautions taken for COVID-19 ?

Ans. Urban Company ( earlier called Urban Clap)

Q2. Who has been appointed recently as the Central Vigilance Commissioner ?

Ans. Sanjay Kothari

Q 3. Name this billionaire businessman of Indian origin associated with NMC Healthcare and UAExchange now under a cloud for financial irregularities

Ans. B R Shetty

Q 4. Which brand has brought out a TVC on Ramzan promoting altruism in times of COVID with the tagline ‘Neki nahi rukegi ?

Ans. Surf Excel

Q 5. What is the name of the new business school founded by industry professionals, CEOs , consultants and faculty from Ivy league schools ( Arun Maira , Mukund Rajan and Karthik Ramanna are some names) with a campus in Cybercity, Gurugram ?

Ans. The Masters’ Union School of Business

Q6. What is the name of the newly formed industry body of operators of co-working spaces that is facing a crisis after lockdowns and Work From Home policiesof companies ?

Ans. Indian Workspace Association

Q7. SaaSBOOMi is a community of startups in which area ?

Ans. Software as a Service

Q8. Which AMC decided to wind down 6 of its debt fund schemes on 23rd April 2020 due to high redemption pressure , among other problems ?

Ans. Franklin Templeton

Q9. What is the term for the short term credit given by RBI to centre and state govts to fund the temporary revenue mismatches ? This was enhanced recently to help manage the current crisis

Ans. Ways and Means Advances

Q 10. Facebook has acquired 10 % in Reliance Jio. what is the value of this deal ?

Ans. Rs 43,754 crore

Q 11. The central govt revises.the DA for employees and Dearness Relief for pensioners every 6 months to compensate for the inflation. Govt announced that these increments will stop for a period due to the crisis. Till when ?

Ans. July 2021


Q 12. Due to the Corona Virus crisis ,many important sports events like Olympics, Tour De France, Wimbledon etc have been either postponed or cancelled. Yet, one sport has been allowed by Florida by calling it as an essential service. Name it

Ans. Professional wrestling – WWE ( World Wrestling for Entertainment)

Q 13. Which Google product has been given a makeover to compete with Zoom that has been the app of the pandemic, of sorts ?

Ans. Google Meet

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