Weekly Business Quiz # 508


Q 1. With which US entertainment company has Eros International merged to form a global entertainment company ?

Ans. STX Entertainment

Q 2. Which Indian auto company has acquired Norton motorcycles in UK through its overseas investment vehicle ?

Ans. TVS Motors


Q 3. Which global tech major is developing a Planetary Computer to aggregate environmental data with the help of AI and ML as the next phase of ‘AI for Earth’ programme ?

Ans. Microsoft

Q 4. History is being made in the crude oil market.. The May Futures of WTI crashed below 0 $ to a negative price. What is the main reason being offered for such a freak event ?


Ans. On 20th April, the last date for trading in May Futures, there was a steep fall in the price of WTI crude because the traders would have to take physical delivery of crude oil contracts and there was no storage available. All the storage was full because of total  demand collapse all around the world due to the Covid-19 crisis

Q5. On 20th April, Australia’s second biggest airline announced that it has gone into Voluntary Administration, an arrangement similar to bankruptcy . Name the airline

Ans. Virgin Australia

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