Weekly Business Quiz # 504


Q 1. Which online apparel retailer has started an alteration service for men’s jeans and trousers sold through them in select cities ? This will soon be extended in other cities and women’s apparels also

Ans. Myntra

Q 2. Which company that started in 2012 before smartphones became popular, developed a superapp that became so popular in 2016 that it became a unicorn. Later it lost out to competition and downsized and is now focussing on gaming service Winzo and Hikemoji ?

Ans. Hike

Q3. In which industry is the company Solar Industries promoted by Satyanarayan Nuwal a pioneer in ?

Ans. Explosives for defence industry

Q 4. Bankers are asking govt to announce “the action of refraining from exercising a legal right, especially enforcing the payment of a debt ” this in times of economic distress What is the legal term for this ?

Ans. Forbearance

Q5. After the new Yes Bank started its normal banking operations on 18th, they have issued ads in all papers. What is their tagline ? YES for ___.

Ans. Yes for You

Q6. Which former banker has joined Salesforce India as their Chairman and CEO ?

Ans. Arundhati Bhattacharya

Q7. In which Fintech startup has MSDhoni made an investment ?

Ans. Khatabook

Q 8. Which Indian private sector promoters have asked permission to enhance their equity in IndusInd Bank to 26 % citing the permissions given to Kotak Mahindra Bank and Bandhan Bank ?

Ans. Hindujas

Q9. YSR Congress has nominated two businessmen as their candidates Ayodhya Rami Reddy and Parimal Nathwani from AP. Which business groups do they represent ?

Ans, Ramky Group and Reliance Industries


Q 10. Stock market lingo. The ___ point is a place where a trader has had enough pain or draw-down and decides that the trade is no longer working and throws in the towel. i.e. the trader flattens his/her position. Fill In the Blank ( I guess after the recent crash many are reaching it

Ans. Uncle Point

Q11. As Samsung prepares to launch a game streaming service with Microsoft, it has withdrawn its own streaming service now. What was it called ?

Ans. PlayGalaxy Link

Q 12. Name this largest beverages company from China , a family owned enterprise of Zing Qinghou , once the richest man in China. The company’s name is meant to mimic the sound of a child’s laugh.

Ans. Wahaha

Q 13. Which American TV broadcasting service is launching a streaming service called Peacock ?

Ans. NBC

Q 14. Which legendary wall street investment bank  had a 35 page dress code before it was relaxed by its new Chairman and CEO David Solomon who took over in 2019 ?

Ans. Goldman Sachs

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