Weekly Business Quiz # 505


Q 1. Under what brandnames does Capital Foods market its food products ?

Ans. Ching’s secret Noodles and Smith and Jones sauces and other food items

Q 2. After the extraordinary MPC meeting, RBI governor announced a deep cut in interest rates as a stimulus. What is the rationale behind having different cuts in the rates for Repo and Reverse repo ?

Ans. To make it unattractive for banks to park funds in RBI. Instead they should lend credit to their customers,

Q 3. Under what clause will Indian Railways relax levying of charges like Demurrage, wharfage etc on their freight customers between March 22 to April 14 ?

Ans. Forece Majeure

Q 4. Against the disinvestment target of Rs 65000 crore for 2019-20, what would be the actual achievement by the Govt of India ?

Ans. Rs 48, 883 cr

Q 5. Which IT services company has announced an additiomal 25 % in basic wages as a sign of gratitude to its employees in India and Philipines who have been working during the COVID crisis ?

Ans. Cognizant

Q 6. Tata Motors will be hiving of its passenger vehicles into a separate subsidiary from April 1 2020. Who will be heading this unit ?

Ans. Shailesh Chandra

Q 7. In the light of the current pandemic CRISIL has revised its estimate downwards of the 2020-21 GDP forecast for India . What is the new % ?

Ans. 3.5 %

Q 8. Which PSU has acquired the government’s stake in other power PSUs THDC and NEEPCO for Rs 11500 crore ?

Ans. NTPC Ltd


Q 9.  Name this personal protective equipment ( PPE) an early model of it was developed by a Chinese Doctor Lien-teh Wu during the 1910 plague. This was later developed and used for miners by 3M also. Now in the current Covid epidemic also this is being used widely.

Ans. N 95 Mask

Q 10. Identify this South African hotelier and casino operator also known as Sun King. He passed away recently

Sol Kerzner

Ans. Sol Kerzner

In a week dominated by the national lockdown due to COVID- 19 the news flow was limited and also getting access to non-Covid news was difficult.

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