Weekly Business Quiz # 503


Q 1. What hair care brand is owned by the homegrown Hygenic Research Institute ?

Ans. Super Vasmol hair cream and Streak dye

Q 2. Which state is using the prisoners in their prison cells to produce masks in large numbers to gear up for the Corona crisis ?


Ans. Kerala , now many other states have announced

Q 3. Yes Bank after a long wait have declared their Quarter3 2019-20 results. The results clearly show why RBI had to act fast to save the bank. What is the Gross NPA % ?

Ans. 18 % approx.

Q 4. The depositors of Yes Bank will get back their money. But bondholders of AT1 bonds will lose all their money as per the restructuring plan. Expand AT1 and also what are these bonds ?

Ans. Additional Tier- 1 bonds. These are unsecured perpetual bonds that are used for capital adequacy. They usua;;y carry higher coupon than other secured bonds

Q5. What is the new GST rates for mobile phones ?

Ans. 18 %

Q6. With which company has Kurkure tied up to have the products placed in their TV serials across general and regional channels ?

Ans. Zee Entertainment

Q7. As BS-VI norms comes into force from April, some companies like Maruti have decided to withdraw from diesel vehicles market, which company has developed a BS VI diesel vehicle to improve their share in the cab operators market ?


Q8. What is the index which measures the market perception of risk in the near term ? It has been very high after the corona scare hit the markets 

Ans. India Volatility Index , in short called VIX

Q9. Who will be taking over from Krish Iyer as the next CEO of WalMart India ?

Ans. Sameer Aggarwal


Q 10. In Europe airlines are flying ghost flights with few or no passengers thanks to the Corona Virus scare. Why are they not cancelling the flights and saving costs ?

Ans. If they canncelled the flights the airlines will lose their slots

Q 11. Who is the market leader globally in the 100 B $ cloud infrastructure services market in 2019 ?

Ans. Amazon Web Services

Q 12. Which global major has acquired the energy drinks company Rockstar ?


Ans. Pepsico

Q 13. What does a Green frog symbol on a product or service indicate ?
Ans. Rain-forest Alliance awards the Green Frog certifications for sustainable products

Q 14. Why are the marketing teams of companies like Coca Cola, Bridgestone, Canon, Toyota, Panasonic all keeping their fingers crossed ?

Ans. Tokyo Olympics sponsors

Q 15. What is portfolio drawdown and how is it computed ?

Ans. The decline in the value of the portfolio from its peak in %

Q 16. Which famous footballer from Portugal has offered to convert his hotels into hospitals for treatment of patients infected with Corona Virus ? The treatment costs will be borne by the footballer

Ans. Cristiano Ronaldo

Q 17. What solution have a few Formula 1 drivers come up with to continue racing, amid cancellation of few races ?

Ans.. E-Sports racing

Q 18. What profitable meat farming has been banned by Chinese authorities after the Covid scare ? This may force many farmers back into poverty

Ans. Bamboo rat meat

Q 19. Which country has announced a package by which the govt will 75 % of the salaries in private sector for the 3 month period from 9th March to 9th June if the employer promises that no employee will be fired because of the Corona Virus disruptions ?

Ans. Denmark

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