Weekly Business Quiz # 502


Q 1. What is the target segment and service offered by the startups WorkIndia , Betterplace, Awign and Utter ?

Ans. Apps for Blue collar jobs

Q 2. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw says she inherited her independent streak from her mother Yamini Mazumdar. Her mother started a business at the age of 68 which she continues to run at the age of 89. What business does her mother run ?

Ans. Dry cleaning and laundry business

Q 3. As per the current investment strategy, what % of the funds do the Employee Provident Fund is invested in equity ?

Ans. 15 %

Q 4. As per the proposed restructuring plan for Yes Bank , SBI would be investing Rs 2450 crore in the equity of Yes Bank. What % stake will SBI get for that amount ?

Ans. 49 %

Q5. Who is the person shown in this advertisement and what is his connection to Shanti ?


Ans. Sivaji Ganesan, the superstar of yesteryears who owned the Shanti theatre that is now being made into an office complex

Q6. Which Indian temple trust , one of the richest religious institutions in the world withdrew its cash and gold deposits of over Rs 1300 crore from Yes Bank in October 2019 sensing the risk ?

Ans. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams

Q7. As summer is round the corner , soft drink ads appear. Fill in the blank ___Hatao, Sprite Uthao


Ans. Doubt

Q 8. Who has taken over as the Finance Secretary in the Govt of India after Rajiv Kumar has retired ?

Ans. Ajay Bhushan Pandey


Q9. Gilead acquired Forty Seven in US in multi billion $ deal. Which industry are they in ?

Ans. Pharmaceuticals

Q10. Jack Welch the legendary CEO of GE passed away recently. He was the youngest CEO and led GE for 20 years. He was voted as the Manager of the Century by Fortune in 1999. He was also called as ____ Jack for his ruthless cost cutting . Fill in the blanks 

Ans. Neutron

Q11. Which company originally came up with this poster for boosting morale in factory in 1942 using a fictional woman -Rosie the Riveter ?


Ans. Westinghouse Electric

Q 12. Who has been the best selling global music artist in 2019 ?

Ans. Taylor Swift


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