Weekly Business Quiz # 501


Q 1. IRDAI may allow life insurance companies to offer ‘indemnity’ based health insurance plans. What are ‘indemnity’ based plans ?

Ans. Indemnity-based health plans are basically those insurance policies where the insured is reimbursed the actual expense incurred during hospitalisation up to the total sum insured under the policy.

Q 2. The number of companies that have declared dividends after February in 2020 is more than double that of 2019. What are the analysts attributing as the main reason for the rush for dividends ?

Ans. As dividend will get taxable in the hands of the individuals, companies with high promoter shareholding are paying higher dividend as DDT is less than the peak rate

Q 3. Which listed company in the QSR business has opened a restaurant chain called ‘Biryanis of India’ with the first outlet in Delhi ?

Ans. Jubilant Foodworks Ltd

Q 4. After suffering five years of losses, Tata Motors is completely selling or shutting down its car retail division. What is the name of the retail chain ?

Ans. Concord Motors

Q 5. Which brand has launched a Dual Screen phone in India?


Ans. LG

Q 6. In which hotel did the US President and the FLOTUS stay in New Delhi during their state visit recently ?

Ans. ITC Maurya

Q7. What is common to the companies Bombay Dyeing, Peninsula Land, Standard Industries , Century Textiles ?

Ans. All are companies from 19th Century still surviving and operating

Q8. Which Indian private sector power major has threatened to stop supply to 5 States from March if the discoms do not revise the tariff ?

Ans. Tata Power

Q9. Toyota has launched a new car in India called Vellfire. It is positioned as ‘Self charging’ electric vehicle. How does it self charge itself ?

Ans. It is a Hybrid , so the IC engine power charges the battery

Q 10. What strange coincidence has caused the share prices of the US Company Constellation Brands Inc to dive 8 % during the last week ?

Ans. Corona Beer brand is owned by Constellation Brands

Q 11. Satya Nadella in his talk at Bengaluru pointed out 2 trends , billions of connected devices and humongous quantity of data being generated. Hence, he says there is an opportunity of X becoming the world’s computer. What is X ?

Ans. Microsoft Azure

Q 12. On being asked about extending the retirement age of Chief Executives of private banks , whom did RBI Governor quote to decline the suggestion ?

Ans. Sunil Gavaskar said ” People should retire at the time when people ask ” Why” and not when asked “Why Not “

Q 13. Name this steam engine enthusiast who is the working president of Indian Steam Railway Society. He started commercial services in 1997 from Fairy Queen a legendary steam engine of 1907 creating a Guinness Record . He became a Railway Board Chairman later

Ans. Ashwani Lohani

Q 14. As a young entrepreneur in the new field of biotechnology , Kiran Mazumdar Shaw when she needed 1 crore in 1987 none of the state financial corp or industrial development corp funded her , saying it was too risky. Who funded her ?

Ans. Narayan Vaghul funded through TDICI now called ICICI Venture


Q 15. Walmart has entered the healthcare services in US to grab a share of the over 3 Tn $ business. What services will it provide ?

Ans. Primary care including dental and diagnostics

Q 16. The Chinese cyberspace watchdog has pulled out an app from the app Store in China because it allowed players to create a virus and spread it worldwide. Name it

Ans. Plague

Q 17. The US government has increased the visa fees for EB-5 visa by 50000 $. What visa category is EB – 5 ?

Ans. Investor category

Q 18. Warren Buffett who stands for and professes simplicity recently shifted from an old Samsung flip phone to iPhone 11. What is his only use for a smart phone ?

ans.  Receiving and making phone calls

Q 19. Accenture has said that they are employing 63,000 robots to do various tasks in their offices Accenture says robots will not replace humans totally but all MRPT tasks will be automated. What does MRPT stand for ?

Ans. Measurable, Repeatable, predicatable , transactions

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