US Monthly Quiz- February

Q 1. Which brand owned by Coca Cola is running a campaign during the Women’s Cricket World Cup with the tag line ‘Power has no gender’ ?

Ans. Powerade

Q 2. Which brand has launched a variant called Zig Kinetica, running shoes for men ?

Ans. Reebok

Q 3. What feature did User Interface Specialist Larry Tesler develop that have become a integral part of all computer software and text editors. He passed away this Monday .. RIP Larry Tesler..

Ans. Cut, Copy and Paste

Q 4. In one of the biggest deals valued at 13 Bn$, who has acquired ETrade, the discount broker on Wall Street ?

Ans. Morgan Stanley

Q 5. Victoria Secret is going private. L Brands has sold 55% in the company to a Private Equity firm. Name the firm ?

Ans. Sycamore Networks

Q6. Name this quizzing app that was founded by Colin Kroll and Rus Kusupvo. It had a live quizzing game that peaked in 2018 with 3 Million players online. It gave away 6 Mn $ in prizes. On Feb 14 it just gave 5 $ and had its last show.

Ans. HQTrivia

Q 7. The US President travels by the aircraft named Air Force One. For shorter distances, for safety reasons, helicopters are preferred over motorcade. What is the helicopter carrying US President called ?

Ans. Marine One

Q 8. While Bill Gates praised Tesla for their electric car innovations and thereby bringing down carbon emissions, Elon Musk commented that Bill Gates was underwhelming because Gates recently bought a car that was not Tesla. What car did he buy ?

Ans. Porsche Taycan

Q9. What feature in Blue Mail was a source of conflict between Apple and Blue Mail that led them to leave the Mac App Store ? Now BlueMail is back in the App Store 

Ans. Hide my email

Q 10. Phillip Kristian Diekroner is author of the book The Trust Economy. His consultancy firm is called X Group. X is a chemical that if sniffed increases trust between humans. What is X?

Ans. Oxytocin , hence his consultancy firm is called Oxytocin Group

Q 11. Which brand of mobile service in US issued a full page advt in New York Times signed by actor Ryan Reynolds saying that instead of spending 5 Mn $ on a Super Bowl ad they will give away 3 months free service to all who call during the match ?

Ans. Mint Mobile

Q 12. Which are the companies behind Global Developer Service Alliance that will take on Google’s Play Store in the Android Apps marketplace ?

Ans. Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi are part of the GDSA

Q 13. Ryan Kaji reviews toys on YouTube through his channel Ryan’s World. He is the highest earning YouTuber . During the period June 18 to June 2019 what was his estimated earnings ?


Ans. 26 Mn $

Q 14. Prem Parameswaran has been appointed by Donald Trump in the Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. He is the only Indian in a 13 member commission. With which Indian film production is he associated ?

Ans. Eros International

Q 15. BorgWarner has acquired Delphi Technologies ..This will lead to consolidation in which industry ?

Ans. Auto Components

Q 16. Both X and Y were must-have holiday gifts, helping drive unprecedented results for the category,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said, as he announced the Quarterly results. What are X and Y ?

Ans. Airpods and Apple Watch

Q 17. Fortune brings out various lists like Fortune 500 every year. It comes out with a List of lists called Blue Ribbon companies. A list of cos that figure in multiple lists. In 2019, only 2 cos figure in 7 out of its 9 lists. Name them

Ans. Accenture and Facebook

Q 18. When an American Airlines direct ticket from Hong Kong to New York for May 20 is sold at $2788 , a China South Airlines from HK to NY is being sold at a steep discounted price of $193 only. It has a stop over for 6 hours 35 mins in one airport. Where ?

Ans. The stop over airport is Wuhan, the city at the hub of the Corona virus

Q 19. In which US company Indian American Sandeep Mathrani has been selected as the CEO ?

Ans. WeWork

Compiled by G.Mohan

Follow on Twitter – @go_mohan



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