Weekly Business Quiz #500


Q 1. What is unique about the recently launched Realme X50 Pro 5G in India ?

Ans. First 5G phone launched in India

Q 2. Which brand of Hindustan Unilever  has achieved Rs 5000 crore in sales last year for the first time becoming the Top Brand ?

Ans. Surf Excel

Q 3. After his long career with Citibank, with which Indian finance company was Nanoo Pamnani closely associated , recently becoming Chairman also ? He passed away recently. RIP

Ans. Bajaj Finserv

Q 4. Which Indian retailer has been ranked as No 1 in 50 Fastest growing retailers globally by Deloitte ?

Ans. Reliance Retail

Q5. Former Blackstome head Punita Sinha will soon be joining and heading a group that will be launching an AMC soon. Name it

Ans. InCred

Q 6. In which Indian pharma company an expat CEO Erez Israeli is transforming the organisation by changing the top management team and rationalising product mix ?

Ans. Dr Reddy’s

Q7. Which brand that has built a global reputation of being the world’s No 1 troll , ran a campaign during Valentine’s day in India asking to send a picture of the loneliest man and tagging them ?

Ans. Burger King

Q8. What measure has an eco-luxury resort Ibnii in Coorg taken to reduce the food wasted by guests ?

Ans. A charge of Rs 10 per 100gm of food wasted is added at the time of checkout

Q9. A private airlines from Vietnam has started operating flights from India to Vietnam’s various cities and some other destinations. What is the name of this airline ?

Ans. VietJet

Q 10. Varroc Engg’s Hinjewadi Pune unit had a massive fire. This will disrupt the supplies of some car models from Mahindra,Skoda and some others. What auto components do they manufacture ?

Ans. Headlights and Tail Lamps

Q 11. Here is Rashid K of Genrobotics receiving a prize from Infosys Foundation. What innovation from his team has got them this prize ?

Rashid K

Ans. A robot for cleaning the sewers , it is called Bandicoot

Q 12. Which city metro now has a stretch that goes underwater, first in India ?

Ans. Kolkata Metro

Q 13. Which company markets the Parliament brand of cigarettes, now available in India ?

Ans. Philip Morris International

Q 14. Which Indian steel company’s assets have been acquired by the NRI promoted Liberty House  through the bankruptcy court ?

Ans. Adhunik Metaliks


Q 15. Which brand owned by Coca Cola is running a campaign during the Women’s Cricket World Cup with the tag line ‘Power has no gender’ ?

Ans. Powerade

Q 16. Which brand has launched a variant called Zig Kinetica, running shoes for men ?

Ans. Reebok

Q 17. What feature did User Interface Specialist Larry Tesler develop that have become a integral part of all computer software and text editors. He passed away this Monday .. RIP Larry Tesler..

Ans. Cut, Copy and Paste

Q 18. Which retailer has brought a new way of paying for your purchases with ‘time’ ? Customers can show their Google Maps at the time of check out how much time they spent reaching the store. More time means more points

Ans. Ikea in Dubai is experimenting with this innovation

Q 19. In one of the biggest deals valued at 13 Bn$, who has acquired ETrade, the discount broker on Wall Street ?

Ans. Morgan Stanley

Q 20. Victoria Secret is going private. L Brands has sold 55% in the company to a Private Equity firm. Name the firm ?

Ans. Sycamore Networks

Q 21. Name this quizzing app that was founded by Colin Kroll and Rus Kusupvo. It had a live quizzing game that peaked in 2018 with 3 Million players online. It gave away 6 Mn $ in prizes. On Feb 14 it just gave 5 $ and had its last show.

Ans. HQTrivia

Q 22. The US President travels by the aircraft named Air Force One. For shorter distances, for safety reasons, helicopters are preferred over motorcade. What is the helicopter carrying US President called ?

Ans. Marine One

Q 23. In view of the disruptions caused by Coronavirus many businesses in China are in trouble. Which large group that also owns an airline is likely to be taken over by the govt ?

Ans. HNA Group that operates Hainan Airlines

Q 24. In Abu Dhabi for which bird of prey do they have a special hospital ? Annually the hospital treats 11000 birds .

Ans, Falcon

Q 25. While Bill Gates praised Tesla for their electric car innovations and thereby bringing down carbon emissions, Elon Musk commented that Bill Gates was underwhelming because Gates recently bought a car that was not Tesla. What car did he buy ?

Ans. Porsche Taycan

Q 26. Which FMCG company has updated its rules for marketing to children whereby it will stop advertising foods and beverages to children under the age of 12 in traditional media , primarily to fight the growing childhood obesity ?

Ans. Unilever

Q 27. Despite the fear of Corona Virus scare, Giorgio Armani is holding his Milan Fashion Week runway show, without posing any risk to the visitors . How ?

Ans. It will held behind closed doors and then streamed on Internet


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