Weekly Business Quiz # 495


Q 1. If you go to Uber app to order food from the local restaurant what would you find instead of Uber Eats in India soon ?

Ans. Uber and Zomato have struck a deal where they have sold Uber Eats has got merged with Zomato .. Uber has taken a stake in Zomato

Q 2. Sebastian And Sons is a recent book by Carnatic musician and author T M Krishna..This is a brief history about whom ? Fill in the Blank 



Ans. Mrdangam Makers

Q3. The newly appointed Tourism Minister of Maharashtra Aaditya Thackeray visited Sarjaa restaurant in Pune. Who owns this restaurant ?


Ans. Sarjaa is owned by Hridaynath Mangeshkar, brother of Lata Mangeshkar

Q 4. What curbs have been introduced by commerce ministry in duty free shops ?

Ans. Only one bottle of liquor per passenger instead of two and restricting purchase of cartons of cigarettes

Q 5. Which hotel once a popular hotel for Kannada film stars in Bengaluru has been donated by its owners to Shankara Hospital to be temporary home for children undergoing cancer treatment ?

Ans. Hotel Laxmi . Meera Naidu whose late husband opened this hotel  in 1977, has donated this hotel to Shankara hospital.

Q6. If one looks at the statistics for approved intake (seats) versus enrolment of AICTE approved institutes for PGDM from 2015-16 to 2018-2019 across India what trend is observed ?

Ans. Both intake and enrolment have declined

Q7. Sebi has deferred the implementation of the splitting of Chairman cum Managing Director post in the publicly traded companies till April 2022. What was the biggest objection by corporates to this provision ?

Ans. The proposal was to split the Chairman and Managing Director position with the restriction that Chairman and Managing Director should be unrelated, this was not acceptable to many family owned businesses

Q8. One of the simple but effective project management hack that E.Sreedharan used in Delhi Metro project was giant countdown clocks in all important places. This has been used later by many projects. Where did he introduce it first ?

Ans. Konkan railway

Q9. Bajaj reentered the scooter market with an electric version. The bookings start today with a deposit of Rs 2000. What is the price at which they have launched the two variants of the scooter ?


Ans. Rs 1 lakh for Chetak Urbane and Rs 1.15 lakh for Chetak Premium

Q 10. Which precious metal has seen steep price increase, 69 % in last 1 year and 20 % in the two weeks of 2020 ?

Ans. Palladium


Q 11. Animal rights organisation PETA presented the Duchess of Cambridge Kate this bag on her 38th birthday . What is special about this bag ?


Ans. This bag from Ashoka is made from Apple skin and does not use any animal skin

Q 12. Name this 10 year old company in Silicon Valley which is developing a electric flying taxi. Toyota has made a 400 Million $ investment in this company recently


Ans. Joby Aviation

Q 13. Japanese billionaire Yusuku Maezawa’s search for a ‘life partner’ has received 20,000 applications. What is the most important bait attracting so many applications ?

Ans. His Life Partner would get a chance to be a space tourist to moon in SpaceX

Q 14. What is the change in name for 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures proposed by Disney ?

Ans. Disney has dropped ‘Fox from the name

Q 15. Which music group has been honoured by UK by issuing a commemorative coin of 5 UK Pds ?

Ans. Queen

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