US Monthly Quiz – December

Q 1. The founders of Google Page and Brin have made an announcement that promotes Sundar Pichai. What is the change in the responsibility for Sundar Pichai now ?

Ans. Sundar Pichai is now the CEO of the holding company Alphabet in addition to being the CEO of Google

Q 2. Which newspaper made this spelling error of Sundar Pichai’s name in the headlines ? This is a paper which Pichai has said that he reads everyday the print edition with his morning cup of tea.


Ans. Wall Street Journal

Q 3. On the day, Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh, a reporter from Popular Science asked him what type of studies Apple had conducted to ensure there was a market for the computer. Jobs retorted, “Did X do any market research before he invented Y ?” What are X and Y ?

Ans. X –  Alexander Graham Bell and Y is Telephone

Q4. Which chain has based on their ‘partners’ feedback liberalised their dress code from an elaborate 15 page one to a single page one ?

Ans. Starbucks

Q5. To combat the competition from the Low Cost Carriers, airlines from USA like American Airlines, Delta and United have a class lower than the Economy class that has restrictions on baggage, seat selection, inflexible date or flight changes etc. What is this class called ?

Ans. Basic Economy

Q6. Glassdoor recently released the Great Places to Work survey report. Hubspot got the highest ratings. Which major tech company features highest in this survey ?

Ans. Google at # 11

Q7. Nestle has sold of its US icecream business which contains brands like Haagen Dazs and Drumstick to a JV with PE firm PAI Partners, which they had already formed in 2016 when they hived of their Europe icecream business. What is this firm called ?

Ans. Froneri

Q8. DuPont has divested one of its units and did a Reverse Morris Trust transaction with IFF. Which unit of Du Pont is being divested ?

Ans. Nutrition and Bioscience unit

Q9. Crisco in early 20th century invented the CRiSCO process to hydrogenate oil. This created a cheaper substitute for lard. They never revealed what was the key ingredient. They used phrases like ‘100% vegetable’ or ‘vegetable oil’. What was the key ingredient in Crisco?

Ans. Cotton seed oil

Q 10. In what business is Copart Inc , a Dallas based company which is a leader in its industry and has a market cap of nearly 20 Billion $ and makes its founder and Chairman Willis Johnson a billionaire ?

Ans. A chain of car junkyards

Q 11. A creative bag from.a store. Fill in the blank



Ans. Marvel Store

Q 12. Which international hotel chain has sub-brands or brand extensions named Centric, Regency, Place, Park, Grand , Alila, Andaz and the mother brand itself ?

Ans. Hyatt

Q 13. With which new Netflix film/series would you associate the Polish gaming company CD Projekt Red and author Andrsej Saptowski ?

Ans. The Witcher

Q 14. “We don’t and can’t compete on breadth . For us to be hugely successful we have to be a focused passion brand. Starbucks, not 7-Eleven. Southwest, not United. HBO, not Dish.” Who wrote a memo in 2013 making his company #1 in the business transformation list of HBR this decade ?

Ans. Reed Hastings of Netflix

Q 15. The study of the spread and dynamics of popular narratives, the stories, particularly those of human interest and emotion, and how these change through time, to understand economic fluctuations is called X…This is the title of the book by Robert Shiller . What is X ?

Ans. Narrative Economics

Q 16. Ajay Banga of MasterCard has spelt out a DQ policy for his company where the employees should treat their co-workers and the community the way they would want to be treated themselves.What does DQ stand for ?

Ans. Decency Quotient

  • Compiled by G.Mohan

Follow him on Twitter @go_mohan


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