Weekly Business Quiz # 494


Q 1. After Viral Acharya left RBI there was a vacancy in the Dy Governor post. Who has been appointed as Dy Governor as in charge for Monetary Policy matters for 3 years ?

Ans. Michael Patra

Q 2. Subhash Chandra and family had to reduce their stake from 42 % in the beginning of 2019 to just 5 % in their profitable Zee Entertainment so as to clear their debts. Despite, their low equity they continue to be in the drivers’ seat. Who is the largest institutional investor ?

Ans. Invesco Oppenheimer Developing Markets Fund have a 20 % stake. They will support the Subhash Chandra family

Q 3. Name this entrepreneur. This IIT Kanpur grad started his career with Deloitte and worked with a few startups in USA. He returned to India in 2007 and started Myntra. He sold it and later founded Cure-fit. He has written a book , No Limit : The Art and Science of High Performance

Ans. Mukesh Bansal

Q 4. Which Indian state is making good progress in garment exports by providing incentives like wage subsidies to employ locals ? The state now has 11 operating units employing over 10,000 workers

Ans. Jharkhand

Q5. ITC has come up with an innovative billboard that is eco-friendly. What is the innovation ?


Ans. The billboards are made out of a bio-gradable cotton fabric rather than PVC

Q6. N.Ranga Rao and Sons is a market leader in incense products like incense sticks, aroma therapy oils, room fresheners. It has diversified and expanded its range to Puja Samagri. It has investment by Motilal Oswal PE and may go public soon. What is their flagship brand ?

Ans. Cycle Pure Agarbathis

Q7. Recently, an interesting Credit rating report for Kamal Haasan as a Film Producer has come out in public domain ..What rating has CRISIL assigned to him for long term debt upto Rs 25 crores ?

Kamal Haasan

Ans, B+

Q8. Many of the singing and acting talent in Bollywood are discovered today through talent competitions or reality shows. In 1957, Mahendra Kapoor, whose birth aniversary is today was discovered through one. It was called All India Metro ___ Contest. FITB with a radio brand


Ans. Murphy

Q9. Adanis are in a deal streak…Adani’s Defence JV with an Israeli firm have bought a facility in Gwalior. What will be manufactured in that facility ?

Ans. Machine  guns

Q 10. Identify this advertising man. At 19, he started Web Chutney, a digital agency that was later acquired by Dentsu. He wrote his journey and other cases in the book ‘How I almost blew it ‘. He has now been. Promoted as the Chairman of Happy mcgarrybowen India and Dentsu Webchutney

Sidharth Rao

Ans. Sidharth Rao


Q 11. Which consumer electronics company surprised the world with their announcement of a compact electric sedan called Vision-S at the CES recently ?

Vision S

Ans. Sony

Q 12. Which Indian born billionaire has been having a long running feud with the public and now with the Californian govt over public access to Martins beach near Half Moon Bay ?

Ans. Vinod Khosla

Q 13. Name this speciality chemicals MNC headquartered in Boston, USA. The company named after the founder was started in 19th century. It is a leader in many chemicals, around carbon , carbon black being one. It has spent over 50 years in India too.

Ans. Cabot Corporation

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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