Weekly Business Quiz # 493


Q 1. As per a news item, 24 % of all ads on TV had celebrities during Jan-Nov 2019. Which celebrity has the max no of brand endorsements ?

Ans. MS Dhoni with 44 brand endorsements

Q 2. Which is the first cooperative bank to be given an in-principle approval to become a small-finance bank ?

Ans. Shivalik Mercantile Cooperative Bank

Q 3. Mumuso is a global lifestyle retail store chain that now has 30 stores in India. Where is the HQ of this chain ?


Ans. South Korea

Q 4. Netflix recently used a witty tongue-in-cheek tweet to deny some free Netflix subscription that was part of a fake news campaign. What was the campaign about ?

Ans. BJP had given a number to give a missed call to know more about CAA.. This number was promoted by pranksters as giving free Netflix subscriptions

Q 5. Which new App that promotes itself as a platform for 30 second videos of professional user generated content has been launched by an American co in India as a competitor to TikTok ?

Ans. Firework

Q 6. A well known company is now called HLV Limited after a change of ownership. What was it’s earlier name ?

Ans. Hotel Leela Venture Limited

Q7. Name this TV channel that has surprised advertisers and media planners. It is No 1 on BARC in terms of number of impressions across all languages and categories. It started as a Bhojpuri channel floated by Indore’s Enterr10..Now it is a Hindi General Entt Channel

Ans. Dangal

Q8. With which IT company has HAL tied up to manufacture aircraft components using 3D printing technology ?

Ans. Wipro

Q9. Which business group owns ‘The Park’ chain of luxury boutique hotels in India ? An IPO would soon be coming out

Ans. Apeejay Surrendra Group

Q10. A new.Bollywood film is under production called ‘The Big Bull’. Abhishek Bachchan will play the lead role. Which real life person is it based on ?

The Big Bull

Ans. Harshad Mehta

Q 11. Which brand of fragrances owned by Virat Kohli has hit the market recently ?

Ans. One 8

Q 12. Which PSU is betting on electric versions of Lambretta scooters and Vikram three wheelers to help them turnaround, as they did not get any bids when the govt had put it up for sale ?

Ans. Scooters India Limited


Q 13. Daniel Dines is the entrepreneur who has built UiPath into a 3000 member company with 7 Bn $ valuation…It is a Robotic Process Automation company which has top banks and FIs as its client . Now it operates from New York. But it is the only unicorn from its country .Which one ?

Ans. Romania

Q 14. Carlos Ghosn , the former chief of Nissan-Renault, under arrest in Japan, has escaped from Japan by hiding in a container meant for musical instruments . Where has he surfaced ?

Ans. Beirut in Lebanon

Q 15. Recently, Burger King revealed it had been using McDonald’s burgers in its Whopper ads. What prank was Burger King playing ?

Ans. A McDonald’s burger was kept behind every Whopper in the photo shoot to demonstrate that Whoppers are bigger

Q 16. The competition between Boeing and Airbus is stuff of management folklore..In 2019,.Airbus has beaten Boeing in terms of number of aircraft deliveries. In which year earlier, did Airbus have higher number of deliveries than Boeing ?

Ans. 2011

Q 17. Proteau, Mingle, Seedlip are brands of a.certain category of drinks that are becoming popular in the US. What drinks are these ?

Ans. Mocktails

Q 18. Who owns the fast food restaurant Santan in Kuala Lampur ?

Ans. Air Asia

Q 19. Which business magazine was first published in September 1929, 7 weeks before the stock market crash that led to The Great Depression ? The magazine completed 90 years recently

Ans. The Business Week, now called Bloomberg Businessweek

Q 20. Name this apparel brand that was started in Vancouver in 1998 and has been credited with making ‘Athleisure’ one of the fastest growing segments and also fashionable to wear Yoga pants in public places

Ans, Lululemon

Q 21. He is the richest man in Europe for the year 2019..Identify him and his company


Ans. Bernard Arnault of LVMH

Q 22. A company from New Zealand has delivered the highest returns globally in the last decade , among the companies in the MSCI Global Index. The stock has multiplied 161 times over these 10 years. In which industry is the company

Ans. Dairy Industry – A2 Milk is the name of the company

Q 23. Which Hollywood celebrity , now 61, got blocked out from the dating site Bumble because the site admin thought it would be a fake id ? However, they unblocked soon and welcomed her .

Ans. Sharon Stone

Q 24. Marc.Benioff in his book ‘The Trailblazer ‘ has mentioned that the idea of an App store first came up during his meeting with Steve Jobs. Salesforce went on to create App Exchange based on that idea. What gift did Benioff give to Steve Jobs for giving Salesforce the idea ?

Ans. He had regstered Appstore.com earlier , this was gifted to Steve Jobs

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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