Guest Business Quiz # 25

India Business Quiz is happy to present Aniruddha Dutta* as the Guest Quiz Master. Please find below a set of questions prepared by him.

Q 1. Google’s New Year eve doodle this year features the familiar frog Froggy. Where would one see this frog in the online world generally?

Google Map


Ans: On the Google Weather App

Q2. What is the significance of the sticker on this note, something that was briefly used in the early 1990s for an event that happened on 31st December?



Ans: Currency notes from the undivided Czechoslovakia were legal tender with the sticker for some time in Czech Republic and Slovakia following the division till each country got its separate currency. This one was in use in the Czech Republic

Q3. In 1983 on this day, the organization synonymous with this statue was broken up. At one point of time, it was New York City’s second largest sculpture after the Statue of Liberty. Once called the Genius of Electricity, publications from this organization carried this figure. Which organization and what “publication” from them?

AT & T

Ans: AT&T and its telephone directory

Q4. If Claude Auchinleck was technically the first person briefly following independence and Kondandera Subayya Thimayya almost becoming the next, who has officially been now chosen for this position? Which position?

Ans: Bipin Rawat and Chief of Defense Staff

Q5. What item developed by this Hyderabad based organization will become free from January 1st 2020 to its users?


Ans: NEFT and RTGS system

Q6. When this practice was first instituted on New Year’s Day in 1923, the BBC engineers were not allowed inside the building and so had to access the roof of the Palace of Westminster. As a result, there was disturbance in the form of traffic noise. But a tradition was started and from 1924 – they quickly became synonymous with the BBC. Currently low sensitivity microphones installed avoid picking up any other noise. Which tradition of the BBC to this day continues thus?

Ans: Chimes from the Big Ben

Q7. One of the things turning 100 in 2020 is due to the “efforts” of one Josephine Knight who was the wife of a cotton buyer and had her moments of carelessness at housework and cooking. Which item?

Ans: Band Aid

Q8. Another organization turning 100 in 2020. It is the largest operator of children book fairs in the US and the books in such fairs are divided into Picture Books, Chapter Books, Friendship Tales, Fearless, Fun Facts and Girl Power. Which one?

Ans: Scholastic

Q9. The East India company was given the royal charter on 31st December 1600. Which company had the charter for trade in the Ottoman Empire?

Ans: The Levant Company

Q 10. 2020 is the 35th year of India’s win in the World Championship of Cricket in Australia. Benson and Hedges sponsored that series. India then immediately won a series in Sharjah. Which company from the world of tobacco sponsored that?

Ans: Rothmans

* Aniruddha Dutta has been a three time National Champion of the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz and is now a three-time Runner-up of the quiz from 2017 to 2019. He also manages a Quiz Group on Facebook called Questions 2 Chew. He currently lives and works in Mumbai.

Link to the earlier Guest Business Quiz by Aniruddha Dutta . Guest Business Quiz # 10 


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