Weekly Business Quiz # 492


Q 1. Which new much awaited grocery online venture has started with a soft launch in the suburbs of Mumbai with the tagline ‘ Desh ki Nayi Dukaan ‘ ?

Ans. Reliance JioMart

Q 2. This company started in 1946 as Mewar Oil in Udaipur. Over the years , it went into agrochemicals and inputs for insecticides etc. It is now run by the 3rd Gen Singhal.The family is listed in the billionaires list , thanks to rapid rise of the stock this decade.

Ans. PI Industries

Q 3. Identify this business leader and his company. This Delhi based businessman is a rubber technologist and sticks to rubber footwear. His company brands like Sparx, Flite , Bahamas uses Bollywood stars to appeal to mass market. This man enters the billionaire list this year


Ans. Ramesh Kumar Dua, Relaxo Footwear

Q 4. Essar Steel while it was undergoing the IBC process which eventually led to Arcelor Mittal acquiring it after protracted litigations , it improved its operational performance substantially. Essar Steel was being managed by an IRP- Satish Gupta  and an international  consultancy firm during this period. Name the international consultancy firm.

Ans. Alvarez and Marsal (A&M)

Q 5. Freshtohome is a South India based startup that claims to be the largest user of refrigerated air cargo in India now. In what business is Freshtohome in ?

Ans. Fish and Meat

Q 6. Can you identify the young man in this advert, before he became a Superstar ?

rajesh khanna

Ans. Rajesh Khanna

Q7. TOI is appealing to the readers of which newspaper , after it shut down its Bangalore edition yesterday ?

deccan chronicle

Ans. Deccan Chronicle

Q8. As per the latest RBI report on Trends and Progress of Banking in India, during the last year across India what is the trend ?

Ans. ATMs down, Branches Up

Q9. Adani Ports has bought the controlling stake in market leader in cold chain logistics in India, Snowman Logistics. Who was the seller ?

Ans. Gateway Distriparks

Q 10. Many progressive companies are spelling out their inclusion and diversity policies that includes adoption leave for same-sex couples. Since maternity leaves are usually longer than paternity, how is this handled in case of same-sex couples ?

Ans. The primary care-giver gets longer leave and secondary shorter leave. The employees have to declare who is primary and who is secondary

Q 11. While trying to impress a girl with his underwater swimming skills,.Salman ended up getting his first advertising assignment from the girl’s boyfriend , the director of that commercial . Name the brand.


Ans. Campa Cola

Q 12. What is the penalty imposed by SEBI on each of the rating agencies namely ICRA, CARE and India Ratings for not observing due diligence in rating IL&FS and downgrading it late , leading to a crisis of approx Rs 90,000 crore ?

Ans. Rs 25 lakh each

Q 13. Connect the partial solar eclipse today to the luxury brand Maybach

Ans. PM Modi watched the partial solar eclise on 26th wearing the Maybach shades

Q 14. Who acquired the assets , namely the chain of service centres of Jagdish Khattar promoted Carnation after it became sick and was referred to IBC ?

Ans. Mahindra First Choice

Q 15. Railways are reorganising their Class A services by bringing all their specialised services under one . What is the name of this service ?

Ans. Indian Railways Management Service

Q 16. Identify this business tycoon and his group. Belonging to a business family, he broke away from the family and started his own property development co. Today it is one of the top in Bengaluru with its IT Parks and Office complexes. IBM and Blackrock are clients. He loves horses.


Ans. Jitu Virwani of Embassy Group


Q 17. In which country have the newspapers come.together and appealed to the advertisers to “Advertise or die ” ? 

Ans. Australia

Q 18. Which international hotel chain has sub-brands or brand extensions named Centric, Regency, Place, Park, Grand , Alila, Andaz and the mother brand itself ?

Ans. Hyatt

Q 19. With which new Netflix film/series would you associate the Polish gaming company CD Projekt Red and author Andrsej Saptowski ?

Ans. The Witcher

Q 20. What is unique about the Mara smartphones ?

Ans. The Mara brand smartphones are the first smartphones manufactured entirely in Africa at Rwanda

Q 21. “We don’t and can’t compete on breadth . For us to be hugely successful we have to be a focused passion brand. Starbucks, not 7-Eleven. Southwest, not United. HBO, not Dish.” Who wrote a memo in 2013 making his company #1 in the business transformation list of HBR this decade ?

Ans. Reed Hastings of Netflix

Q 22. What was the earlier name and business of Orsted, named after the Danish scientist ? The company went through a major business transformation this decade and has become a global leader in offshore wind power .


Ans. Danish Oil and Natural Gas also known as DONG Energy

Q 23. The study of the spread and dynamics of popular narratives, the stories, particularly those of human interest and emotion, and how these change through time, to understand economic fluctuations is called X…This is the title of the book by Robert Shiller . What is X ?

Ans. Narrative Economics

Q 24. Ajay Banga of MasterCard has spelt out a DQ policy for his company where the employees should treat their co-workers and the community the way they would want to be treated themselves.What does DQ stand for ?

Ans. Decency Quotient

Q 25. Tesla will be delivering it’s first Tesla 3 car from their China unit on December 30 , 2019. In how many days has the factory come up ?

Ans. 356 days

Q 26. Which is the world’s largest media franchise of all time in terms of generating revenue over the years by way of games, movies, comics, merchandise , cards etc ?

Ans. Pokemon

Q 27. Identify the brand from its tagline



  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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