Weekly Business Quiz # 491


Q 1. What connects the following brands Saridon, SKumar’s, Shalimar Superlac, Bournvita and Cibaca ?

Ans. Ameen Sayani hosted several radio shows which  were sponsored by these brands like Cibaca Geet Mala , Bournvita Quiz Contest etc

Q 2. Bharat Bond ETF NFO closed yesterday, 20th . It became the largest ever amount collected through a New Fund Offer. How much amout has been collected through this issue ?

Ans. Rs 12,000 crore

Q 3. Which state has appointed #Govinda as its brand ambassador to promote the state as a tourist destination ?

Ans. Madhya Pradesh

Q 4. After resigning as CFO of Axis Bank, where has Jairam Sridharan joined as the CEO of their Consumer Finance Division ?

Ans. Piramal Enterprises Ltd

Q 5. As per the succession plan announced by Mahindra and Mahindra who will succeed Pawan Goenka as MD and CEO from April, 2021

Ans. Anish Shah

Q 6. Connect him to the world of cricket and name him.

Richard madley

Ans. Richard Madley, he conducts the player auctions in IPL every year

Q7. Like the AMFI promoted “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai” campaign , which promoted penetration of mutual funds, Life Insurance Council has started a campaign to promote life insurance. What is the slogan ?

Ans. Sabse pehle Life Insurance

Q8. Which Bank has got caught in the crossfires of regulator RBI and ministry ? RBI has classified it as a private bank and Finance Ministry insists it is a public sector bank, after the bank was losing govt business

Ans.IDBI Bank

Q9. In the Tata Sons vs Cyrus Mistry case, who represented Cyrus Mistry in the NCLAT that Cyrus Mistry won ?

Ans. C A Sundaram

Q 10. Which Indian company is being referred as the CEO Factory in the book by Sudhir Sitapati ?


Ans. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Q 11. This dockyard has been in operation since the 18th century. It changed hands many times. It became a public limited co in 1934. It became govt owned in 1960s. This PSU operates under defence ministry. It will come out with an IPO soon. Name it.

Ans. Mazagon Docks Ltd

Q 12. What was launched by Union MSME minister Nitin Gadkari made by militancy affected women of Nagrota town in J&K ? This will be marketed through PayTM

Ans. Khadi Rumal

Q 13. What is the current legal entity status of Tata Sons that the NCLAT has asked to be reversed immediately ?

Ans. Private Limited Company, it has be reverted back to Public Limited Company


Q 14. Crisco in early 20th century invented the CRiSCO process to hydrogenate oil. This created a cheaper substitute for lard. They never revealed what was the key ingredient. They used phrases like ‘100% vegetable’ or ‘vegetable oil’. What was the key ingredient in Crisco?


Ans. Cotton seed oil

Q 15. What are the 3 logos shown here for ?


Ans. The UAE govt is running a contest for a logo for the UAE nation in products

Q 16. Jaguar Land Rover has acquired this all – terrain performance vehicles company in UK. Name it


Ans. Bowler

Q 17. In what business is Copart Inc , a Dallas based company which is a leader in its industry and has a market cap of nearly 20 Billion $ and makes its founder and Chairman Willis Johnson a billionaire ?

Ans. A chain of car junkyards

Q 18. Which company has a ticker symbol of BABA in New York Stock Exchange ?

Ans. Alibaba

Q 19. Isuzu has acquired UD Trucks , the Japanese truck division of a European major. They have also announced a tie-up to collaborate with the European major in many areas including electric vehicles. Name the European company.

Ans. Volvo

Q 20. A creative bag from.a store. Fill in the blank



Ans. Marvel Store

Q 20. Which chat app popular in Emirates and other gulf countries, has been found by the US authorities that it is a spying tool on the social media activities of the users by the local govt ?

Ans. ToTok

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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