Weekly Business Quiz # 490


Q 1. Identify this entrepreneur and his company. He disrupted diagnostics , by centralising lab and creating a network across the country. He recently had expressed disappointment over not able to focus on growth because of stock market pressure.


Ans. A Velumani, Thyrocare Technologies

Q 2. In which state is Uralungal Labour Contract Cooperative Society seen as a model infrastructure contractor and employer of blue collar workers paying bonus twice a year and giving 15 lakhs Health Insurance cover to all ?

Ans. Kerala

Q 3. Shyam Benegal. the veteran director,  started his career in advertising agency in mumbai as a Copywriter and rose to become the Creative Head. He switched to another agency in Delhi . At this agency, top ad film maker Prahlad Kakkar was his assistant. Name it

Ans. Advertising and Sales Promotion ( ASP)

Q 4. Amazon has entered the podcast business in India. It has extended its Audible audio book service to include exclusive Indian audio content , both fiction and non-fiction. What is this new service called ?

Ans. Suno ,a part of its Audible service

Q 5. In a rare occurrence, Ashok Leyland now has a new CEO and MD. He is a professional hired laterally. His father, a former bureaucrat, held the Chairman position of Ashok Leyland for 13 years. Both are unrelated to the promoters. Name the son and the father.

Ans. Vipin Sondhi son of Mantosh Sondhi

Q 6. Who has been selected as the Chairman of Indian Oil Corporation ?

Ans. Shrikant Vaidya

Q 7. For film stars , endorsements are one of the biggest source of earnings, even more than their fees for acting. Rajinikanth is one of the biggest stars, ever. How much does Rajinikanth charge per endorsement ?

Ans. Rajinikanth does not do any endorsement. He had done just one advertisment for a Palm Cola as a favour to his friend

Q8. In a recent event with Richard Branson, Anand Mahindra, revealed the biggest mistake of Mahindra and Mahindra. What is it ?

Ans. Entering the commuter bikes

Q9. Considered a doyenne  of advertising. She was a pioneer. She started Clarion in Kolkata with a few colleagues. She started an eponymous agency that later merged McCann Ericsson. Her work for Nescafe and the audio mnemonic for it is remembered. RIP. Name her.



Ans. Tara Sinha

Q 10. Today is the 50th birthday of Chess Champion Vishwanathan Anand. Happy birthday Vishy. Which Indian IT company has had a long standing association with Vishwanthan Anand, the Chess Champion  ?


Q 11. Which is the largest fish producing state in India ? 

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

 Q 12. Assocham , the industry body is celebrating its 100 years now started in Kolkata. Before , it became broad enough to take in members from all sectors and types of ownership it was largely a chamber of commerce to represent interests of which business interests ?

Ans. Foreign and MNCs operating in India

Q 13. In the recently released.numbers for automobile sales in November by SIAM, only one segment has shown positive growth w.r.t November 2018 numbers . Which one ?

Ans. Three wheelers

Q 14. The Economics Nobel Prize winners at the Awards ceremony. Dr Esther Duflo wore a saree and what Indian attire was worn by Prof Abhijit Banerjee ?

Ans. Abhijit Banerjee wore a kurta and a dhoti/dhuti


Q 15. To combat the competition from the Low Cost Carriers, airlines from USA like American Airlines, Delta and United have a class lower than the Economy class that has restrictions on baggage, seat selection, inflexible date or flight changes etc. What is this class called ?

Ans. Basic Economy

Q 16. London is a major international aviation hub. It has 4 airports. Which of these is NOT an airport in London ?

A. Gatwick       B. Orly
C. Stansted       D. Luton
Ans. B.Orly is in Paris

Q 17. Gerard Detourbet, a Mathematics Professor turned car designer. He was associated with Renault. He passed away recently. For which model, a success in emerging markets, was he asked to lead the team by Carlos Ghosn, even though he was planning retirement ?


Ans. Renault Kwid

 Q 18.Glassdoor recently released the Great Places to Work survey report. Hubspot got the highest ratings. Which major tech company features highest in this survey ?

Ans. Google at # 11

Q 19. Nestle has sold of its US icecream business which contains brands like Haagen Dazs and Drumstick to a JV with PE firm PAI Partners, which they had already formed in 2016 when they hived of their Europe icecream business. What is this firm called ?

Ans. Froneri

Q 20. DuPont has divested one of its units and did a Reverse Morris Trust transaction with IFF. Which unit of Du Pont is being divested ?

Ans. Nutrition and Bioscience unit

  • Compiled by G.Mohan 

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