Weekly Business Quiz # 484


Q 1. Usually the Amul topicals are on current news which is headline stuff that everyone who reads papers knows. But this one is a quiz question .Explain this.


Ans. RCEP – Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.. Indian PM has turned down joining the RCEP as it is harmful to the interest of the farmers

Q 2. Which bank that started life as a development financial institution where Project Finance was its mainstay, has decided to close down its Project Finance Division ?

Ans. ICICI Bank

Q 3. The new heartthrob Kartik Aryaan is the brand ambassador for Veet Men Hair Removal Cream. Who markets Veet ?


Ans. Reckitt Benckiser

Q4. A global company’s Indian subsidiary has a web-site, which does not allow anyone without revealing one’s year of birth. You can work it out . Guess the name of the company.


Ans. Carlsberg

Q5. Connect the images shown below to a recent news. Company and Person

Connect Colorbar

Ans. KK Modi the Chairman of Modi enterprises who passed away recently

Q6. This home furnishings company run by the Aroras started life as Dicitex Decor Pvt Ltd in Tarapur , Mumbai. The company’s name was changed after its brand became successful, thanks partially to its promotion by a celebrity couple . Name the company or the brand.

Ans. D’Decor

Q7. Apurva Purohit the author of the book Lady You’re the Boss has a day job as President of a media co. Name it.


Ans. Jagaran prakashan

Q8. PM Modi was present on the occasion to mark 50 years of an Indian group’s presence in Thailand. Name the group, whose logo was on the dais.

Modi ABG

Ans. Aditya Birla Group

Q9. On the birthday of Amartya Sen. He recently wrote a letter to his alma mater that he is happy to be recognised along with another Nobel Laureate but would like to point out that the occasion should be used to remember all the great alumni who studied there. Which college/Univ ?

Ans. Presidency College/ now Presidency University

Q 10. Which PSU Bank has had a rare comment from RBI that they have over recognised NPAs in their accounts to the extent of Rs 820 crore where under reporting is the norm ?

Ans. Indian Bank

Q 11. On Karnataka Rajyotsava day, a question on Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Ltd. The makers of the famous Mysore Sandal Soap , also have a brand of detergent and cleaner, that met with limited success. The brand is ?

Ans. Kleenol

Q 12. In the film Sarkar Raj, a sequel to Sarkar, Aishwarya Rai plays a character loosely modelled on the CEO of a now defunct company that was setting up a power plant in Maharashtra. Name the CEO and the company.

Ash Sarkar Raj

Ans. Rebecca Mark, Enron

Q 13. One of the first commercials in which Aishwarya Rai was noticed was for Pepsi. What was the name of her character in that TVC ?

Ash Pepsi

Ans. Sanjana or Sanju

q 14. What confidential data about some Indians is available in a web-site called ‘Joker Stash’ in the dark web ?

Ans. Credit card/ Debit card data

Q 15. Identify this person who describes herself as Social Capitalist, International Business Broker, Speaker.

Madi Sharma

Ans. Madi Sharma

Q 16. There are rumours floating about a #GoldAmnestyScheme to be announced by the government that has caused anxiety among people. CBDT has clearly specified how much gold is allowed to be kept by different individuals. The limits for Married Woman (MW), Unmarried Women(UW) and Men(M)

Ans. 500 gm for Married woman, 250 gm for Unmarried Woman and 100 gm for Man

Q 17. In which product category has Amway launched a product this month which already has HUL, Kent , Sharp ? Havells is reentering this category after exiting it 4 years ago.

Ans. Air purifiers

Q 18. Who is the author of this new book ‘The Tatas’ ?


Ans. Girish Kuber

Q 19. What new service for streaming documentaries from across the world has been started by EPIC channel which has investments by Anand Mahindra and Aditya Pittie of Pittie Group ?

Ans. Docubay

Q 20. The telecom industry is in deep trouble after the Supreme Court verdict that affects all the players in varying degrees. At the core is the calculation of AGR. What is AGR ?

An. Adjusted Gross Revenue

Q 21. Which FMCG co that markets Pril, Exo and Henko says it has beaten the slowdown by introducing smaller packs at lower price points and visiting the dealers more often from once a month to once a week ?

Ans. Jyothy Laboratories


Q 22. Why have McDonalds discontinued their spoon shaped coffee stirrers ?

McD stirrers

Ans. The coffee stirrers were used for drugs

Q 23. Overbooking in airlines is a normal practice based on estimated cancellations. Sometimes these estimates go wrong. So airlines then give a call for passengers prepared to surrender their reservation in exchange for benefits. What are these persons called in aviation jargon ?

Ans. Volunteers

Q 24. An advt using the power of omission. A big toys brand. Name it.


Ans. Fisher-Price now part of Mattel

Q 25. Kevin Plank , the founder of Under Armour,.when it was just a startup , used to carry business cards with two different designations. He used to offer them depending on the appropriateness. One said ‘President’ , what was the other ?


Ans. Sales Manager

Q 26. Facebook has a New logo in All Caps. Why did the company feel the need to change the logo a why does the color change ?


Ans. To distinguish between Facebook the company and Facebook the app. The colors represent Facebook – blue, Whatsapp – Green and Multicolor – Instagram.

Q 27. What medium has seen a huge revival in US music industry that this year it’s sales will beat the revenues from CDs ?

Ans. Vinyl records

Q 28. Indian arm of which global fast food chain is soon launching an IPO in India for raising capital ?

Ans. Burger King

  • Compiled by G.Mohan

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