US Monthly Quiz – October 2019

Q 1. Identify this couple who are in the news …
Ans. Co-Founder of WeWork Adam Neumann and his wife Rebekah Paltrow Neumann.

Q 2. Which company has started for the first time ‘Apply Thru’ a voice induced job application process using Alexa?

Ans. McDonald’s

Q 3. In what on-demand service was the start-up WAG in? It started in 2015 and had received 300 Mn $ from SoftBank.

Ans. Dog-walking

Q 4. ‘You never actually own a _______ You merely look after it for the next generation’ ought to be one of the best baselines. Fill in the blank.

Ans. Patek Philippe

Q 5. Who is the unusual owner of the store in a US mall named Modern Retail Collective and debuts with four brands: beauty labels Elevé Cosmetics and Type: A Deodorant, jewellery company Kendra Scott and lingerie maker ThirdLove?

Ans. McKinsey

Q 6. “The use of animals in food production is by far the most destructive technology on earth. We see our mission as the last chance to save the planet from environmental catastrophe.” Which American co wants to replace all meat in the world by 2035?

Ans. Impossible Foods

Q 7. Bloomberg has a new wealth number that ranges from -2 to 11. Based on this they have an estimated number of people across the world in each number. How is this number computed?

Ans. Net Worth reduced to Scientific Notation – Power of 10 e.g $100 billion =11 & $0.01 =-2.

Q 8. Identify the two men in this picture and what was their fight about in the late 19th century

current wars

Ans. Thomas Alva Edison and Nikola Tesla, the fight was called the current wars, DC vs AC

Q 9. This is Colin Kroll. He died early this year in mysterious circumstances. Which famous gaming app did he co-found ?


Ans. HQTrivia

Q 10. What controversial technology and product has the Californian startup ANDURIL backed by Peter Thiel developed ?

Ans. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to smash drones

Q 11. Why is this New York bar in the news ?

caffe dante

Ans. It has been rated as the World’s best bar

Q 12. Identify the logo. Also, say how the name came about Clue: A programming language that is fast rising in popularity


Ans. Kotlin.. It is based on the name of an island in Russia near St Petersburg

Q 13. This is now the tallest tower in the SanFrancisco area. 61 Floors, 1070 ft height. It was called Transbay Tower. After its anchor client took a large portion on lease it is named after it. The 61st floor is called Ohana floor for the employees of this tech co to view. Name it.


Ans. Salesforce Tower

Q 14. ‘Ride of a Lifetime’ by Robert Iger is a book on the lessons learnt while running and reinventing which company ?

Ans. Disney

Q 15. This is a 2012 American co which sells a stationary bicycle at 2000 $ that is linked to a streaming classes that can be seen on the LCD screen. The stream is based on a monthly subscription model. This company had a billion dollar IPO in Sept this year. Name it.


Ans. Peloton

Q 16. What is Google’s technology for gesture recognition that is coming in their Pixel devices called ?

Ans. Soli

Q 17. What does the newly launched device by Google, Nest Wi-Fi do ?

Ans. Wi-fi Router with Google Assistant

Q 18. Which tech business leader has authored the book Trailblazer giving his own formula for business success ?

Ans. Marc Benioff

Q 19. “X owns the marketplace. They can do whatever they want,” said David Kahan, the C.E.O. of Birkenstock Americas, which no longer sells its products on X. “That’s not capitalism. That’s piracy.” What is X ?

Ans. Amazon

Q 20. As per Hiver state of email report , an average executive receives 180 mails every day, thanks to rampant “irresponsible CCing’, so he/she does not open X per cent of mails and responds to only Y per cent of mails ? X and Y are 

Ans. X is 40 % and Y is 16 %

Q 21. Circa 1989. One legendary investor X called another legendary investor Y after reading Y’s book to seek permission for using a line  “Selling your winners and holding your losers is like cutting the flowers and watering the weeds” in his year-end report. Who are X and Y ?

Ans. X is Warren Buffett and Y is Peter Lynch

Q 22. As per the Founder of ‘Guard from Above” , this is a low tech solution to a high tech problen . What is the problem and what is the solution ?


Ans. Rogue drones in the problem and Eagles are the solution

Q 23. According to what theory, people can ‘handle’ up to about 150 relationships – whether in early hunter-gatherer societies or the modern workplace ?

Ans. Dunbar theory

Q 24. As per Interbrand which are the 3 most valuable brands in 2019. Their combined value is about 500 Bn $ ?

Ans. Apple, Google and Amazon

Q 25. Identify this tech business leader. He passed away yesterday at 62 after illness. RIP

Mark Hurd

Ans. Mark Hurd

Q 26. Which IT major has a business division called ‘The Weather Company’ that uses AI and other technologies to advise governments on various forecasts ?

Ans. IBM

Q 27. What service that was started by Yahoo in 2001 became hugely popular in connecting people through email before social media came and made it look archaic is now being totally shut down by their new owner Verizon ?

Ans. Yahoo Groups

Q 28. If the 2000 bubble was the dot com bubble, what is the current Unicorn bubble being called by this author of this article in The Atlantic ?


Ans. Not-com

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan 

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