Weekly Business Quiz # 485


Q 1. Why are RPF Personnel being dressed up as Yamraj, the God of death in Western Railway ?


Ans. To create fear among the trespassers who cross the tracks

Q 2. In his long career with the IAS , T N Seshan also did a stint as Member Personnel at a Public Sector Co, now a Maharatna. Which PSU ? RIP TNSeshan



Q 3. Onion that is consumed in India is largely grown in Maharashtra. The export of this variety is banned. There is another variety, a rose onion that is pungent flavoured. This is not popular in India but exported. This is GI tagged also. In which state is this grown ?

Ans. Karnataka

Q 4. PVR , India’s largest multiplex chain has set up its first overseas multiplex . Where has this come up ?

Ans. Sri Lanka

Q 5. This lady is Geeta Kale from Pune. Her Business Card went viral on social media. What was unusual about it ?


Ans. She is a house maid who promotes herself through her business card that had rates for the various domestic chores

Q 6. What unique service is being offered at home or office by the Bengaluru based startup Rupeek Fintech ?

Ans. Rupeek provides gold loans at home by sending a person home to assay the jewellery, value it and provide loans. This beats the stigma of carrying gold to a bank or a shop.

Q7. A first of its kind vending machine for an Indian dish is going to be on display at Hyderabad soon. Name the dish.

Idli mc

Ans. Idli making machine

Q 8. Which Indian business leader has been awarded the prestigious Deming Prize by the Japanese Union of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE) for his role in disseminating TQM ?

Ans. Venu Srinivasan


Q9. Ford vs Ferrariy is an upcoming Hollywood film . It is based on a true story of how Henry Ford did not take the insult by Enzo Ferrari kindly , when he refused to sell his company to Ford. How did Henry Ford respond to the Ferrari insult and what famous race is involved ?

Ford V Ferrari

Ans. He put together a team to create a racing car Ford GT 40, that beat Ferrari in the prestigious Le Mans 24 race

Q 10. In which country did Microsoft experiment with a 4 day week for all their employees and found a 40 % increase in the productivity and 23 % drop in electricity expenses ?

Ans. Japan

Q 11. This is the logo of a social network that was founded 2 years ago. It is suddenly trending in India. Name the app and why suddenly there is an interest in India .


Ans. Mastodon a social network which many liberals angry with Twitter over the ban of Supreme Court Advocate Sanjay Hegde’s Twitter handle have taken up

Q 12. When the Me Too picked up momentum in the West, the Japanese women in the workplace had their own #KuToo movement. What was it about ?

Ans. Women protesting against the company policy of wearing high heels to work

Q 13. In what business is Water drop, a startup that has been awarded by Fortune as the No 1 in Innovation in China ?

Ans. Health Insurance

Q 14. Name this upscale hotel brand. It was set up by Air France in 1972 with HQ in Paris. It was acquired by Forte Group and HQ shifted to UK. In 2005, it was acquired by Starwood. Starwood in turn was acquired by Marriott. Now this chain has 107 hotels worldwide with HQ in US.

Ans. Le Meridien

Q 15. 10th November  is observed as  International Accounting Day . It’s on this day in 1493 (10/11/1493), Luca Pacioli – an Italian mathematician, published the theory of X which is the foundation of modern Accounting. What is X ?

Ans. Double -Entry Book-keeping

  • Compiled by G.Mohan

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