Qreeocity-November – Q & As

Here are select  Questions and Answers that appeared in the November Qreeocity. For brevity some questions have been presented differently here.

Q 1. Which snack brand is named after the Hindi word for “crunchy”?

Ans. Kurkure

Q 2. Julie Zhuo wrote the book The Making of a Manager: What to Do When Everyone Looks to You, which was published in 2019. In May 2006, Zhuo became the first intern at which company?

Ans. Facebook

Q3. In 1982, who became the first Indian woman to graduate from the Harvard Business School?

Ans. Naina Lal Kidwai

Q 4. Which famous company turned down two great business opportunities which had come its way: Polaroid by Edwin Land who later established the company on his own, and the photocopy technology by Chester Carlson, now better known as Xerox?

Ans. Kodak

Q5. This is the logo of an Indian publishing company founded by Chiki Sarkar and whose investors include Nandan Nilekani and Fabindia’s William Bissell.  Its aim is to create a world-class Indian publishing company that redefines reading and writing for the digital age (through its app).

What is the name of this young company which wants to be a ‘force’ to reckon with in the publishing space?

jnAns. Juggernaut Publishing

Q6. Founded in February 1982 by three former employees of Texas Instruments (shown in the picture ) who invested $1000 each, which company was founded with the initial temporary name Gateway Technology?


Ans. Compaq

Q7. Connect the images to a celebrity


Ans. Aamir Khan

Q8. Connect the images to a company


Ans. Byju’s

Q9. Connect the images shown to an organisation 


Ans. Indian Railways

Q 10. Which country recently launched this coin commemorating the 550th anniversary of Guru Nanak ?


Ans. Pakistan

Q 11. A French think tank recently came up with the calculations of carbon footprint of a certain millennial habit. They claim that this habit produces 1.6 kilograms of Carbon Dioxide  every half an hour, which could otherwise be utilised to drive a distance of 3.6 miles.

Which millennial habit I’m talking about? 

Ans. Video streaming services like Netflix/ Amazon Prime

Q 12. Which factory was first setup in India in 1859 by 2 Irish men,  James Dargah and Henry Smail? This is now a GI tagged product


Ans. Alleppey Coir or just coir

Q 13. Abhi is a chatbot by which organisation ?


Ans. Andhra Bank

Q 14. Unscamble to open this luggage 


Ans. Skybags

Q 15. Jumbled up name of a well known global brand. Identify the brand


Ans. Reebok

Q 16. India is likely to join RCEP, a trade bloc. Expand RCEP. 

Ans. Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

Q 17. Which film trade analyst gets quoted by the Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad to say that there is no economic slowdown in the country ?

Ans. Komal Nahata

Q 18. Bloomberg calls him India’s richest property tycoon. He heads an unlisted firm Macrotech Developers He heads BJP’s Mumbai unit now. Name him.


Ans. Mangal Prabhat Lodha

Q 19. According to what theory, people can ‘handle’ up to about 150 relationships – whether in early hunter-gatherer societies or the modern workplace ?

Ans. Dunbar

Q 20. With which bank now, when it was a microfinance company , the Nobel laureate couple Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo working in the poorer districts of West Bengal since 2006 ?

Ans. Bandhan Bank

Q 21. Identify this media and entertainment industry veteran who takes over as the CEO of Broadcast and Audience Research Council ..MTV, Sony, Times TV, Balaji Telefilms , he has led them at different times

sunil lulla

Ans. Sunil Lulla

Q 22. As per Harvard Business Review’s CEO 100 – 2019 there are 3 Indians/ Indian origin CEOs  in the Top 10 of the list. Who is ranked the highest among them at No 6 ?

Ans. Shantanu Narayan

Q 23. Don Valentine  is known as the Grandfather of Silicon Valley Venture Capital. His first investment was in Atari. When Steve Jobs was in Atari , this man funded 150,000 $ to found Apple in 1978. He died on October 25th. RIP.  
Which VC firm did he establish ?

Ans. Sequoia Capital

Q 24. The Annual Shareholders meeting of Berkshire Hathaway  is an annual pilgrimage for many investors. It is addressed by its Chairman Warren Buffett along with his Vice Chairman. Who is the Vice Chairman and partner of Warren Buffett , sitting alongside him ?


Ans. Charlie Munger

  • Team Qreeocity – G.Sreekanth, Vishnu B, Samyuktha R and G. Mohan 

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