Weekly Business Quiz # 480


Q 1. On Vijaya Dashami day defence minister Rajnath Singh performed Vahana Puja What Vahan is shown in the picture?



Q 2. Pepsi is launching a range of fashion products in collaboration with Delhi based designer brand HUEMN …It will be revealed in a Fashion show on Oct 9th. What category products are these?

Ans. Athleisure

Q 3. Who owns the air charter service Privilege airways?


Ans. Wadhawans of HDIL

Q 4. These samosas are popular in Hyderabad. They are sometimes called onion samosas because they have an onion filling. Sometimes called Irani samosas because they are sold in Irani cafes.   What are they also called as?


Ans. Railway samosa as they are often sold in railway canteens

Q 5. Vespa has come out with a Fantabulous offer for their scooters. Perhaps, the company and their ad agency do not know or remember that Fantabulous was the name of a scooter model in the 60s. Name the company that brought it out.


Ans. Fantabulous was a unique electric start scooter with gears on the foot. It was brought out by Royal Enfield

Q6. Identify these businessmen, now in the news for the wrong reasons


Ans. Wadhawans of HDIL, Rakesh and Sunny

Q7. What action has CM of Telangana taken against the 50,000 striking employees of the State Road Transport Corp when they did not report to work after the deadline on Saturday at 6 pm?

Ans. Sacked them

Q8. Which Indian startup, now fairly well established, claims it is inspired by Gandhian principles. It has started a Trust Shop, which it claims is World’s first branded shop with no salespersons?

Ans. iD Trust Shop

Q9. Under what name does WCL a subsidiary of Coal India market its water drawn from their coal mines and filtered and packed in a modern plant in Nagpur?

coal neer

Ans. Coal Neer

Q10. This is the new logo and name of an old mutual fund. Give the old and new name


Ans. Reliance Nippon Asset Management – Old Name

Nippon India Mutual Fund – New Name

Q 11. AS Lakshminarayana is now CEO Designate at Tata Communications… A Tata Group veteran, in which company did he have a long career before being selected for this post?

Ans. TCS. His last posting was as CEO, TCS, Japan

Q 12. Identify this architect whose birth anniversary was on Oct 6th. Has an India connection


Ans. Le Corbusier

Q 13. Which FMCG co has tied up with Swach, an NGO involved in rag picking and Shakti Plastic a recycling company to recycle Multilayered Plastic (MLP) used packing chocolate and biscuit wrappers ?

Ans. ITC Ltd

Q 14. India reaches a milestone of 1 crore smart LED streetlights. Illumination of 2.7 lakh Kms of roads. Energy saving of 6.71 billion kWh & eco friendly. Who is executing this national programme.?


Q 15. Which company tweeted this about their New MD , after their previous MD retired on September 30 ? Name the previous MD also.


Ans. Titan . Old MBD- Bhaskar Bhat

Q 16. Who is the newly appointed MD and CEO of Punjab National Bank ?

Ans. SS Mallikarjuna Rao

Q 17. Connect ITI Mutual Fund to Sun Pharma

Ans. Sudhir Valia Director of Sun Pharma and brother in law of Dilip Shanghvi is Promoter of ITI Group.

Q 18. IOSCO declared the week from 30th Sept to 6th Oct as #WorldInvestorWeek . Expand IOSCO.

Ans. Internation Organisation of Securities Commissions

Q 19. Which senior functionary of Yes Bank earlier tipped to succeed Rana Kapoor has decided to quit ?

Ans. Rajat Monga


Q 20. This is Colin Kroll. He died early this year in mysterious circumstances. Which famous gaming app did he co-found ?


Ans. HQTrivia

Q 21. What controversial technology and product has the Californian startup ANDURIL backed by Peter Thiel developed ?

Ans. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to smash drones

Q 22. Why is this New York bar in the news ?

Ans. It has been rated as the World’s best bar

Q 23. Identify the logo. Also, say how the name came about Clue: A programming language that is fast rising in popularity


Ans. Kotlin.. It is based on the name of an island in Russia near St Petersburg

Q 24. This is now the tallest tower in the SanFrancisco area. 61 Floors, 1070 ft height. It was called Transbay Tower. After its anchor client took a large portion on lease it is named after it. The 61st floor is called Ohana floor for the employees of this tech co to view. Name it.


Ans. Salesforce Tower

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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