US Monthly Quiz- July 2019

A selection of questions and answers posted on US Business News and Events – July 2019

Q 1. X has been named as the new CEO of Y, a large consulting firm. What are X and Y?


Ans. X- Julie Sweet, Y- Accenture

Q 2. Amazon has a private label for washing machines, air conditioners, and other white goods. What is it?

Ans. Amazon Basics

Q 3. Fernando ‘Corby’ Corbato. RIP. This MIT scientist invented something all computer users use it every day. What is it?

Ans. Passwords

Q 4. Forbes has come out with the highest paid celebrities list 2019. In this list, Akshay Kumar is #33. Who is No 1?

Ans. Taylor Swift

Q5. As per a Business Insider survey which social media app is being abandoned most by the American Gen Z , those between ages of 13 and 21 ?

Ans. Facebook

Q6. Identify this business icon. One of the first business executives who had a rockstar status. His autobiography almost the genre of business books in the 1980s. He passed away at 94 . RIP


Ans. Lee Iacocca , the former Ford Chief and the man who turned around Chrysler

 Q7. What has Bill Gates mentioned recently as his biggest mistake ?

Ans. Not deploying the best resources to develop a Mobile OS that has been taken by Android

Q8. What technology/appliance was invented to solve an industrial problem in the printing industry of US, then came to households by exposing the general public to its advantages in the movie theatres ? It now is present in 75 % of US houses and fast growing in India too ?

Ans. Air Conditioner

Q9. The manufacturer of Humira, the top-selling rheumatoid arthritis injection has acquired the Botox maker. Which are the two pharma companies involved in the 63 Billion $ deal ?

Ans. Abbvie acquiring Allergan

Q 10. Which major drinking water marketer has decided to try out water in aluminium cans to improve recycling and reduce plastic usage ?

Ans. Pepsi

Q 11. How did Pepsi become briefly in 1989 the owner of the sixth largest military submarine fleet in the world ?

Ans. Renewal of the 3 Bn$ Agreement in 1989 between Pepsi and USSR involved payment through Military Equipment like Diesel Submarines in lieu of Roubles as it was not a tradeable currency at that time . This included 17 Submarines and Pepsi became 6th largest Navy for a brief period.

Q 12. Name this eccentric American billionaire X who started life as IBM hardware salesman. He floated a software company Y that he sold to GM and joined their board. He later left and floated another company X systems, which he sold to Dell. He ran for US Presidency. Name X and Y. 

Ans. X- Ross Perot, Y- EDS

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 



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