Tata Logos – 5.0

NELCO Logo, A Tata Company

Started as a Radio maker. Now offers technological solutions via VSAT technologies. identify? – NELCO

TISS, Tata Institute of social science

What was started in 1936 as Graduate School of Social Work? – TISS

Rallis India, Tata Chemicals

Identify the company under Tata Chemicals? – Rallis India

Nest In by Tata Steel

A construction solution by which Tata company? – Tata Steel

Kanan Devan Logo

Formerly under Tata beverages. Identify – Kanan Devan Hills Plantations Company (P) Ltd

Tata Agrico by Tata Steel

Under which Tata Company? – Tata Steel

Corus Steel, Tata Steel Europe

Which company was taken over by the Tatas in 2007? – Corus Steel


Identity of which Tata funded organisation? – IISc


Whose new Brand Position is DISCOVER & INNOVATE; TRANSFORM & TRANSCEND; SERVE And LEAD? —— Answer: IISc


Coated steel products from Tata Steel? – Galvano

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