US Monthly Quiz- August 2019

A selection of Questions and Answers from US in August 2019

Q 1. After offshoring , nearshoring in US manufacturing is returning.back to US with lot of automation. What is this trend called ?

Ans. Reshoring

Q 2. Google has broken the tradition of naming versions of Androids.after desserts like Marshmallow,.Nougat, Pie ..Instead of naming it after a dessert starting with the letter Q ,what will it be called ?

Ans. Android 10

Q 3. What according to Bill Gates is the most valuable and important  employee perk ?

Ans. Flexibility to work at any time or place

Q4. This is Barry , an imaginary worker. Talespin has developed ‘soft skills’ training tools to help managers. Here using a modern and growing technology the tool helps managers to fire ‘ Barry’ from his job effectively. What is the technology ?


Ans. Virtual Reality

Q 5. The _____ ____. is created by plotting US government bond yields of different maturities on a single graph, with the Federal Reserve’s overnight interest rate at one end and the 30-year “long” Treasury bond at the other .Fill in the blanks

Ans Yield Curve

Q6. What piece of land did Donald Trump want to buy from Denmark but the PM refused to sell ?

Ans. Greenland

Q7. Which two book retailing giants on both sides of the Atlantic have been brought together by the PE investor Elliot Advisors ?

Ans. Waterstones and Barnes and Noble

Q 8 . Merger of these two US broadcasting giants will make them the leader in US with the largest share of TV audience. Viacom is merging with which broadcasting giant ?

Ans. CBS

Q 9. Which motorcycle brand has launched LIVEWIRE its first production electric motorcycle recently ?

Ans. Harley Davidson

Q 10. As per the Bloomberg list of wealthiest families in the world which family ranks No. 1 in the this year’s list ?

Ans. Walton family , the family behind Wal-Mart

Q 11. Name this man with no formal qualifications, started his career in broker Bear Stearns. He became wealthy through his cunning and befriending the high and mighty like Adnan Khashoggi, Prince Andrew etc He floated his own finance firm. He died in NY jail yesterday apparently a suicide.


Ans. Jeffrey Epstein

Q 12. Which 132 year old US company is now in the news for being taken private by a PE firm ? This company is behind the popular fonts like Arial, Times New Roman etc that are used widely.

Ans. Monotype Foundry

Q 13. Which blogging site bought by Yahoo for 1.1 Bn $ , has been sold by Yahoo’s current owners Verizon to Automattic, the owners of WordPress for an undisclosed sum, but being estimated at just 3 Mn $ ?

Ans. Tumblr

Q 14. What connects Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg, Amar Bose, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates besides being business leaders ?

Ans. All are left handers . August 13th is celebrated as World Left Handers day

Q 15. What grooming trend among men has compelled Procter and Gamble to write off US $ 8 Billion from one of its big divisions ?

Ans. Growing beard has reduced the business of Gillette , one of the divisions of P & G

Q 16. International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. This trend started in 2007 from which country ?

Ans. California, USA

Q 17. What modern day term has come from the distortion/modification of the name of the 9th Century Arab mathematician Al-Khwarizi ?

Ans. Algorithm

Q 18. What psychological barrier was broken yesterday with the devaluation of Chinese yuan ?

Ans. Seven yuan to a dollar

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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