Weekly Business Quiz # 474


Q 1. Bengal Nagpur Railway the precursor to South Eastern Railway was one of the biggest railway divisions before being trifurcated. It was the only railway to operate hotels. Where are/were their hotels ?

Ans. Puri and Ranchi

Q 2. Which major car company has launched an MPV named XL6 ?

Ans. Maruti Suzuki

Q 3. What is the estimated GDP growth rate for India by the rating agency Moody’s for the year 2019-20 ?

Ans. 6.2 %

Q 4. What amount has RBI decided to transfer to its owner the Govt of India comprising dividend as well as surplus identified by Bimal Jalan committee ?

Ans. Rs 1,76,000 Crore

Q 5. Amazon has taken a 49 % stake in Future Coupons that owns stake in the retailing company Future Retail. What would Amazon’s stake amount to in Future Retail Ltd ?

Ans. 3.5 %

Q 6. Estimates of economic growth in India have unfortunately been subject to a fair degree of floccinaucinihilipilification,’ said MPC member Chetan Ghate in the RBI published minutes. What does the 29 letters only word mean and what unique distinction the word enjoys ?

Ans. 1. The action or habit of estimating something as worthless (Oxford Dictionary). It is the longest non-technical word in the Oxford English Dictionary

Q7. Bloomberg calls him India’s richest property tycoon. He heads an unlisted firm Macrotech Developers He heads BJP’s Mumbai unit now. Name him.


Ans. Mangal Prabhat Lodha

Q8. Who has bought 67% stake in the sports content website Sportskeeda ?

Ans. Nazara Games

Q9. When the former FM P Chidambaram is in news, here is a question around him. Which bank was founded by his maternal grandfather ?

Ans. Indian Bank

Q 10. Who has won the rights of being the title sponsor all the international and domestic matches from 2019-23 played in men’s cricket conducted by BCCI ?

Ans. PayTM

Q 11. On World Senior Citizens Day , a question on how senior citizens can augment their income. Sr Citizens can take a mortgage on the house where they are living and get upto Rs 50,000 monthly. What is such a loan called ?

Ans. Reverse mortgage


Q 12. After offshoring , nearshoring in US manufacturing is returning.back to US with lot of automation. What is this trend called ?

Ans. Reshoring

Q 13. Before resigning the Cathay Pacific CEO Rupert Hogg was asked to report to the Chinese authorities about the names of all the employees who participated in the Hong Kong street protests. He sent them a list. What was unusual in the list that he sent ?

Ans. He sent a list with his name only

Q 14. Google has broken the tradition of naming versions of Androids.after desserts like Marshmallow,.Nougat, Pie ..Instead of naming it after a dessert starting with the letter Q ,what will it be called ?

Ans. Android 10

Q 15. The world’s largest wealth management co with 2.48 Trillion $ assets has gone underweight on equities due to risks in global economy. Name the world’s largest wealth management co.

Ans. UBS Wealth Management

Q 16. What according to Bill Gates is the most valuable and important  employee perk ?

Ans. Flexibility to work at any time or place

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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