Weekly Business Quiz # 471


Q 1. Which Indian author has made publishing history in India with 6 of his titles in the Nielsen Top 10 simultaneously ?

Ans. Amish Tripathi

Q 2. Who markets auto LPG under the brand name PROPEL ?

Ans. IndianOil Petronas

Q 3. Identify this businesswoman who founded Spandana Sphoorthy Financial , a large MFI that lends to over 11 lakh borrowers, all women an avg loan of Rs 22,000. She has led the MFI back to profit from the brink of bankruptcy.


Ans. Padmaja Reddy

Q 4. Some states/UT in India have imposed.prohibition. Gujarat and Bihar are the big ones. Out of the following which state does NOT have prohibition ?

A. Nagaland B. Manipur C.Lakshwadweep D. Mizoram 

Ans. B. Manipur

Q 5. RBI has banned NBFCs from levying foreclosure penalties on borrowers . What is ‘foreclosure’ of a loan ?

Ans. Foreclosure of a loan is repaying the principal and the interest before the agreed term of the loan.

Q 6. Identify this Indian industrialist who was arrested in Bosnia recently and released after a hefty bail.

Pramod Mittal

Ans. Pramod Mittal

Q 7. Which Indian has received the Ramon Magsaysay Award for journalism this year ?

Ans. Ravish Kumar of NDTV India

Q 8. Flipkart has launched a new programme called ‘Samarth’ in partnership with NGOs . What is the programme ?

Ans. The programme will help artisans  in their ECommerce journey till they get familiar with Selling Products Online.

Q 9. No prizes for guessing the one on the left. Who is the expert on the right and why this topical advert from Edelweiss ?

Bear Grylls

Ans. Bear Grylls ..Modi will appear in the show Man vs Wild TV show on Discovery channel with Bear Grylls

Q 10. Prithvi Shaw the Indian cricketer has been given a eight month ban because he was found to have taken a WADA banned drug Terbutaline. He has confessed to have taken it inadvertantly. How did ge he take it ?

Ans. A Cough syrup

Q 11. This economist was the youngest Dy Governor of RBI. He was also tipped to become its Governor. Identify him. RIP.


Ans. Subir Gokarn


Q 12. What grooming trend among men has compelled Procter and Gamble to write off US $ 8 Billion from one of its big divisions ?

Ans. Growing beard has reduced the business of Gillette , one of the divisions of P & G

Q 13. International Beer Day is celebrated on the first Friday of every August. This trend started in 2007 from which country ?

Ans. California, USA

Q 14. What modern day term has come from the distortion/modification of the name of the 9th Century Arab mathematician Al-Khwarizi ?

Ans. Algorithm

Q 15. What psychological barrier was broken yesterday with the devaluation of Chinese yuan ?

Ans. Seven yuan to a dollar


  •  Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan 


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