Weekly Business Quiz # 424


Q 1. How did Union Minister Nitin Gadkari celebrate his birthday this year on May 27 and why ?

Ans. He served flavoured milk to all the guests because there is an oversupply of milk

Q 2. Bank Employees Unions are opposing this ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan and his daughter Shweta . Name the advertiser


Ans. Kalyan Jewellers

Q 3. ZAP Subscribe’ is a fractional sharing program where one can subscribe to a car on a monthly basis and technically have the flexibility of having a new car whenever you want. Which car sharing company has launched this program ?

Ans. Zoomcar

Q4. Which brand has used the insight that 1 in 5 couples in India film their intimate moments on phones and later fall prey to blackmail/illegal pornography when they lose their phone ? It advises safe sex and shut the phone up

Ans. Manforce condoms

Q 5. Fabsta is a private label brand for which Indian retail chain ?

Ans Tata promoted Star Market


Q6. Which American bank has an unusual work culture where the CEO Michael Daly avoids suits and demands rock music in meetings ? The CEO calls it ” America’s Most Exciting Bank”

Ans. Berkshire Hills Bancorp

Q7. Laszlo Jozsef Biro invented the ball pen. But it did not get market acceptance. How did a big order during World War II make this invention to take off ?

Ans. Royal Air Force (  RAF) placed an order for 30,000 pens so that the pilots can use it to mark their maps in the sky where foutain pens don’t work

Q8. Identify the brand, that had associated itself with the FIFA 18 ?


Ans. Budweiser

Q9. Identify the advertiser and the message being conveyed


Ans. Audi , the message in small print says Audi supports women drivers

Q 10. Why has the European Union slapped a $ 5 bn fine on Google ?

Ans. EU wants Google to stop requiring smartphone manufacturers using Anroid OS to preinstall Chrome browser and to make Google search engine the default

Q11. Which is the company that will soon produce Spotmini robot dogs ? These can even open doors among other things.


Ans. Boston Dynamics

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan 

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