Weekly Business Quiz # 359


Q 1. What service did Uber launch at Hyderabad during the visit of its founder Travis Kalanick recently ?


Ans. UberMoto a bike-taxi service

Q 2. Which Indian IT company sponsored max number of H-1 B visas to US last year ?

Ans. Infosys

Q 3. Below what limit has RBI said that there is no need for OTPs in credit card transactions ?

Ans. Rs 2000

Q4. Rekindle your love, I did’nt Nintendo break your heart, It was love at first swipe, PS I love you, Think out of the X Box are all ad copy for a ad campaign. Name the campaign.

Ans. Gadgets 360, a TV show on NDTV

Q5. How much fine will Reliance Jio for using Modi’s photo in their Advt ?


Ans. Rs 500 only

Q6. Connect the Kannur based hardboard manufacturer Western India Plywood to the ongoing demonetisation programme ?

Ans. The returned Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes received by RBI are being recycled into hardboards


Q7. The newly selected US Secretary of State by Trump is Rex Tillerson. He is the CEO of which Fortune 500 company ?


Ans. Exxon Mobil

Q8. What was the first product launched by Toyota in the year 1946 ?

Ans. Sewing machine

Q9. Enovid was the first hormone based oral contraceptive pill introduced in the 1960s. Which company had launched it ?

Ans. G.D.Searle

Q 10. What feature in Windows operating Systems which existed since its launch is being finally retired by Microsoft in latest version of Windows 10 ?

Ans. MS-DOS prompt


Q 11. What system did James Kemper of Boeing develop in 1970s that is used even today ?

Ans. The vacuum toilet in airplanes

Q 12. With which company was Erich Bloch who led the development of System 360 mainframe computer in the 1960s associated with ? He died recently RIP.

Ans. IBM

Q 13. What recipe did Jim Delligatti create in 1967 that has remained a hot selling one even today ?

Ans. Big Mac of McDonald’s

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter handle @go_mohan

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