Weekly Business Quiz # 357


Q1. Point of Sale  terminals of which bank has been authorised to dispense cash up to Rs 2000 at petrol pumps of PSU oil companies ?

Ans. SBI

Q2, Which American car co will be reexporting back to US cars manufactured by their Indian subsidiary ?

Ans. Ford Ecosport

Q3, After voting out Cyrus Mistry as Chairman, who has taken over as Chairman of Tata Global Beverages ?

Ans. Harish Bhat

Q4. Why has there been a jump in 1000% of bookings in AC -I class as reported by Railways ?

Ans. Several people with unaccounted money are using railways to launder their money by booking first and cancelling later, incurring a small charge.

Q5. Why has suddenly the Karnataka state PSU Mysore paints and varnishes got a windfall business ?

Ans. Indelible ink is being used by banks to mark the people who exchange their currency notes, so that they do not exchange in more than one place


Q6. “Designed by ___ in California” is a coffee table book priced at 299 $ featuring products of a company. Name the company.


Ans. Apple

Q7.  What well known US structure was sold repeatedly by George Parker earning him the dubious distinction of the greatest con artist ?


Ans. Brooklyn Bridge

Q8. Investment in which industry was called a ‘death trap’ by Warren Buffett but has now gone ahead and invested in 3 cos from the industry ?

Ans. Aviation industry

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan




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