Weekly Business Quiz # 353


Q 1. Why does Mrs.Arundhati Bhattacharya of SBI call herself Chairman and not Chairperson ?

Ans. When Arundhati Bhattacharya got her visiting card with Chairperson printed on it. The legal department alerted her that there is no provision of Chairperson in the SBI, ACT. Hence she is called Chairman.

Q 2. Why are Indian airlines seeking ban of sale of alcohol in Indian airports ?

Ans. Drunk passengers are misbehaving and harrassing crew

Q3. Which company has acquired the cement units of JP Group in Bhilai and Nigrie ?

Ans. Orient Cement of CK Birla Group

Q4. Under what brand name has Nestle India launched various flavours of cold coffee in Tetra packs ?

Ans. Nescafe

Q5. Identify the model.


Ans. Pierce Brosnan

Q6. Which is India’s largest privately held pharma firm, now in the news for a large overseas acquisition ?

Ans. Intas pharmaceuticals

Q7. What is the nature of the scam in which 3 call centres from Mira Road, Mumbai were involved ?

Ans. They would call up the US citizens pretending to be IRS officials and threaten them about tax demands and later settle for smaller amounts

Q8. What traditional Indian beauty pack will be used to restore the Taj Mahal ?

Ans. Mud pack with Multani mitti

Q9. Why is the Rameshwari photocopy case a significant milestone for the publishing industry ?

Ans. the court has ruled that photocopying text books is not illegal as per the copyright laws…

Q 10. Under what name is Salman Khan launching a chain of single screen theatres in Maharashtra soon ?

Ans. Salman talkies


Q 11. For their work in which area have Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom been awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics this year ?

Ans. For their work on improving the design of contracts, the deals that bind together employers and their workers , or companies and their customers.

Q 12. Apple is facing lawsuits from consumers of iPhone. 6 for ‘Touch disease’. What is the disease ?

Ans. diminishing sensitivity and spotty functionality of the touchscreen on their iPhone 6 device as it gets older.

Q 13. What brand of a mouth freshener has been used in the controversial old video of Donald Trump ?

Ans. Tic tac

Q 14. Which Indian-American has been appointed President and CEO of Harvard Management Co that oversees 36 Bn $ funds ?

Ans. N P Narvekar

Q 15. The Pound Sterling crashed big yesterday and it was attributed to a ‘fat finger’ . What is a fat finger error ?

Ans. A fat-finger error is a slang term for a typing mistake. It is usually a small typo, such as an extra zero, that has out-sized consequences.

Q 16. As per Visa which is their biggest enemy ? Hint : It is not MasterCard

Ans. Cash

q 17. What is the essential difference in the strategy adopted by Google for the newly launched Pixel as opposed to the Nexus range earlier ?

Ans. Newly launched Pixel is fully designed and manufactured by Google instead of using a third party for assistance, just like Apple. Its the first ever handset made completely by the company

  • Compiled by G.Mohan @go_mohan 




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