Weekly Business Quiz # 325


Q 1. Which pharma co’s shares crashed 7%/when it announced it will stop marketing Corex ?

Ans. Pfizer

Q 2. Which is the largest employee owned company in the United States ? It is a supermarket chain and is ranked No 81 on the Fortune 100 ?

Ans. Publix Supermarkets

Q3. Amaz-off, Snap the deal, Flip the Kart were headlines for which offline retailer trying to compete with online retailers ?

Ans. Brand Factory belonging to the Future Group

Q4. Why are Indian companies rushing to declare dividends before March 31 , 2016 ?

Ans. To save on tax bill of promoters – An additional 10% dividend distribution tax will be levied later, on dividend income greater than 10 lacs.

Q5. “Thanks for 100 years of competition. The previous 30 years were a bit boring. “Which co wished whom on 7th March this year ?

Ans. Mercedes Benz to BMW

Q6. Name this bond trader from Salomon brothers who made huge profits in ’80s for his firm and was called ‘King of Wall Street’ He died recently. RIP.

Ans. John H. Gutfreund

Q7. If Star TV: Hotstar, Sony : Sony Liv , then Zee : ?

Ans. Ozee, the Internet platform for streaming TV content

Q8. Connect Grindeks, Latvia, Meldonium, Nike, Porsche to a recent scandal

Ans. Maria Sharapova has tested positive for Meldonium a drug produced by Grindeks of Latvia. This has led her sponsors like Nike, Porsche to cancel their contracts with Maria.

Q9. Who will be the new face of Revital H ?

Ans. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

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