Weekly Business Quiz # 300

Q 1. What unique feat did Facebook achieve for the first time on 24th August 2015 ?

Ans. 1 Billion users logged in on a single day

Q 2. With which international car major did Suzuki have a tie-up that has ended as a failed relationship ?

Ans. Volkswagen

Q3. Which former SBI Chairman has written his autobiography titled ” No regrets” ?

Ans. D.N.Ghosh

Q4. In April-June 2015 Q, Apple Watch is No 2 in the wearables market. Who is the current No 1 in wearables ?

Ans. Fitbit

Q5. Which Indian web-site has launched a rail booking app in 5 Indian languages namely Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, telugu and Malayalam ?

Ans. MakeMyTrip

Q6. In the context of corporate accounts, what is Ind-AS ?

Ans. Indian Accounting Standards

Q7. Why has Cognizant complained to NASSCOM about TCS ?

Ans. TCS started its campus recruitment process almost a week ahead of the industry’s normal recruitment schedule.

Q8. What is the unique feature of the new STB launched by Tata Sky called Tata Sky + Transfer ?

Ans. One can transfer recorded content to other devices like Anroid and IOS

Q9. Warren Buffett has announced big investments in the energy company Phillips 66. What is the significance of the numerals 66 in the name ?


Ans.  It is named after “route 66” which once linked Chicago and LA…

Q 10. How did Blackberry get its name ?

Ans. The keyboard of the early Blackberry devices resembled the exterior of the blackberry fruit. Hence, the name.

Q 11. What unique advertising strategy by American Eagle, the company behind the lingerie brand Aerie is leading to higher sales of their lingerie ?

Ans. The models are’nt photoshopped

Q 12. Identify this former clerk of Brooks Brothers who is now a multi billionaire.

Ralph lauren

Ans. Ralph Lauren

  • Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan

This is the 300th Weekly Business Quiz. Thanks to all the visitors and quiz enthusiasts.

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  1. Over the time, your WBZ has continued to give valuable information about the business world and general knowledge as well. Thanks a lot for this & I hope you would continue making such insightful quiz questions in future.


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